Starcraft 2 HotS Patch 2.1 Details

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So with BlizzCon comes info on the upcoming (before the end of the year) patch for SC2. It's a relatively short list, but Blizz is really honing this game to a shine.

Here's Blizzard's official breakdown and Husky's interview about the changes! My quick summary follows.

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  • Clan and Group event calendar: A straightforward calendar system to simplify scheduling with joinable events that ping members in the game client. Nothing crazy, but definitely useful.
An example with Teamliquid's clan logo overlaid on the zerg 3d symbol
  • Custom Clan Decals: Clans can upload their own custom art to hover over their town hall buildings during games!
  • Extension Mods: A really awesome feature which allows popular custom map types to be applied to any map. So rather than creating a Monobattle version of EVERY map (and polluting the arcade with multiple copies), you create the Monobattle extension mod which is easily selected when you start up a custom match!
  • Higher Level Cap and CARBOT Rewards: Increasing from 30 to 35, you can now unlock the cutest of portraits and decals from the popular Starcrafts cartoon at the highest echelons of the Starcraft level system.
  • No More AFK Game Hosts: After a period of inactivity in a game lobby, hosts will be reminded that they will be removed from the game if they do not respond soon. If a lobby host is removed this way, another player from the lobby will be promoted to host automatically. This way, players can get the game started without getting stuck waiting on game hosts who step away from their computers.
  • CLASSIC STARCRAFT MUSIC ADDED TO SC2: Enjoy the dulcet tones of Brood war's remastered soundtrack in addition to all the current SC2 tunes.

And a major change they're making:

Free to Play Starcrafts ^__^

Starcraft 2 Arcade and Custom Games will be completely free, and all three races are unlocked for everyone!

So download the free Starter Edition and get ready for Patch 2.1 to enjoy everything SC2 has to offer except ranked ladder and the single player campaign!

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