stuck at Optimizing Install

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hey duders

i got HoTS today downloaded the game launched it i got to the log in screen did try to log in but it froze so i closed it and launched it again

but now i got the optimizing install thing and it says to be taking 15-60 min but that is fine, but my bar is saying 100% done and i can click play even when it says on the bottom that it is still reconfiguring game files.

it has been on for 2 hours now and i did the optimizing for wings of liberty last weekend with no problems. anyone have any ideas?

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Try closing the client through the Task Manager and relaunch the game. If that doesn't work an uinstall and reinstall might be in order.

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I had that problem last night. I just deleted the SC2 folder and re downloaded and installed the game over night. Kind of a shity solution. So you might want to try the teamliquid tech forum before doing what I did.

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