Anyone here runs Starcraft 2 in a Mac Mini?

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I purchased the new Mac Mini, but Starcraft 2 runs slow, with very weird colors, even in low settings. I will keep my old and good PC but would be nice if I can play in the Mac Mini too. I hoped that the 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor could compensate for the lack of good graphic card, but the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 seems too much inadequate. 
If you going to use a mac mini to play games, buy the most expensive version, with Radeon HD 6630M graphic card. Although I don´t know if is enough to play well.

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I still generally think that Intel integrated is completely useless. Mind you, I have a GMA950 and also an X3100. I hear 4 series was an improvement, but still.

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You should be able to run it on low fine (Like bottomed out settings wise but at 60 FPS or at 30FPS on medium).  If I can run it on my year old MacBook Pro, which is theoretically slower, then you should be fine.  Though I did hear the HD3000 Intel stuff was a step down from the Nvidia 320M in Macbooks and Mac Minis of last year.  Be sure to have vsync, textures (especially terrain) and effects on low.  A big one to make sure is turned off is 3D unit portraits, which shockingly takes a lot to have running.  Do keep in mind it looks completely different on low compared to what you normally see on streams, which is usually high or ultra.

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I can run it on a laptop that has an i5 (not a low voltage one) and Intel HD Graphics 3000. It Runs on 1366x768 resolution at low settings at 60 fps. I haven't tried, but you might get a playable framerate if you set shaders to medium and at that point the game would look really good (the difference in increasing the other settings is not as immediately apparent).

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If anything it would be the Intel integrated graphics. Starcraft 2 runs fine on low settings with medium textures on my Macbook "Pro" (the decidedly not pro 13" unibody original with a 9400m). I have a last generation, slower processor, but probably significantly more RAM (though running at slower speeds). The RAM shouldn't make the difference, so it's the Intel integrated.

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i'm surprized it runs at all.

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