(Beginner Thread) Where do I start?

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That is your goto website for anything Starcraft related. You can see ongoing streams and tournaments on the right side and of course browse some interesting threads and partake in discussions. That site is also heavily moderated which is why it isn't a complete shithole :P

As far as playing the game goes, I for one would just play through the campaign to understand the basics and... well t's also a nice campaign. For multiplayer you can do stuff like watching pro gamers and just take a basic strategy and try it out for yourself or you can just dive into playing without doing extra research. Depending on how much you like it, you're kinda bound to be interested in reading through some threads so I wouldn't worry about that.

My biggest advice for you:

Enjoy IMPROVING at the game. Don't get mad when you lose. When I'm playing, which currently isn't the case, I love seeing myself improve my gameplay. It just feels good to realize I macro/micro better or just generally have gotten better at controlling stuff.

Do not play to win every game. If that's your goal you're gonna get upset really quickly. Instead try to care little about your win/loss stats and the like and focus on improving. Because that's the best kind of progression!

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I've dabbled in a bit of Starcraft back when it was first released, but I was hoping someone could briefly point me in the direction of some sort of unified website/ community I can visit that can educate me on the language I need to get going with SC2, as well as beginner strategies?

I found a few beginner help threads but figured there may be new useful knowledge out there now by mid-2012 - I doubt I'd ever rank highly, but it would be nice to just have some fun with SC for a while whilst there is a lull in games at the moment.

much appreciated duders

Hey man, what is your username on SC2? I'd be willing to play a bit with you and try to teach you a few things, and have some fun in the process.

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An error very common when you start is not building enough drones. Or build in the wrong order. For exempla, build 8 drones, 5 marines and two turrets. The other player kill you with 20 marines and you think "how they get so much more army than me?".

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Play ladder for the best practice. Quite a few people get ladder anxiety. It's easier to get over it if you just jump into ladder games from the start instead of warming up in customs etc.

Also what race do you play or thinking of playing? Some advice can be pretty different depending on your race.

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I'm iPhoneAppz#412 and I'd love to play with some people that know what they're doing and can help me...because...I'm terrible. Granted, I'm just starting out and finally finishing up my ladder placement games.

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Once you've got the bare-ass basics down, Day[9]'s Newbie Tuesday casts are pretty good for learning the ropes.

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I'm thinking about playing Starcraft 2. I used to play WOW and Diablo. I thought that i would like another Blizzard's game. How do you think? Is it worth to buy?

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@headache02 said:

I'm thinking about playing Starcraft 2. I used to play WOW and Diablo. I thought that i would like another Blizzard's game. How do you think? Is it worth to buy?

Kind of hard to say. It's a pretty traditional style of RTS. Resource and army management with a big focus on 1v1.

It isn't anything at all like WOW or Diablo, but it gets a shit load of support like those games. Any bugs or major balance issues get fixed pretty fast.

Personally I still play the game regularly from the day it came out. I've got 4 accounts and quite a lot of time invested into watching streams of people playing. Also Homestory cup V is on now if you want to watch, ans there should be VODs of the tournament if you miss it live. Here's the link for Home story cup.


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@ShaqPBear: honestly just play ranked. itll place you in bronze where everyone will be new or terrible. then learn from there. watch some videos on teamliquid and see when they build stuff. remember to get workers at all times until you have 30 on each of your bases.

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I wanted to play Starcraft, because i watched Heart of the Swarm trailed on youtube and it looks great :P

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