Best Places/Channels for watching SC2

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So I'm trying to get into watching SC2 and I caught some matches on twitch today that were on ESV and it looks like something I could get into especially until football season kicks off but there are so many channels that it's a little daunting trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any links to places that have good professional commentary would be much appreciated because without the commentary I get lost really quickly.

Same questions would apply to other eSports as well. Thanks in advance Duders.

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We actually had a similar thread the other day. Check that out, considering you'll probably get the same answers.

I favor the GSL on because of game quality and kick ass casters.

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All you have to do is go to , any time any event is on they will have it and a link to the stream in the right-hand sidebar, as well a list of any upcoming events and times.

As for specific events with high quality casting to look out for, just look for anything by MLG, Gom, IPL / IGN, or NASL. The NASL season grand finals are this saturday and sunday so tune in for those, they should be good.

gl hf :)

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The GSL is probably the best. they're nearing the end of the season now(in the round of 4), but another will start shortly after. Code S has generally the best games and the best casters. Tasteless is mostly color these days, but Artosis is easily the best analytical caster. Code A unfortunately is usually not up to the same skill and the casters can make it difficult to watch(depending who the casters are. Wolf isn't bad, but Khaldor bugs me).

NASL isn't bad, but after returning to watching the GSL, NASL kinda feels like the minor league equivalent.

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I'd say that Day9 and Husky are good if you're just starting and don't know much about StarCraft.

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