Cheating on ladder

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Anyone ran into much cheating on ladder yourself? There's a big thread on TeamLiquid about hacking in high masters and GM. Which is here if anyone wants to read.

Kind of funny playing them to be honest. It's really noticeable when you're playing them, I actually called out the guy for hacking in the first replay, kind of early in the game, just because of his dumb decisions.

The guy also forgets to hotkey his third queen, so what ever program he was using to inject wasn't working on all his queens. His main base queen and the queen he moves onto his third have perfect injects, even while he has his army selected at the same time. The queen he forgets to hot key builds up 200/200 energy lol.

This ones just blatant. Sends his probe to my base and tries to rush me without scouting, then goes onto call me a hacker most of the game lol.

Anyone else having any experience with this lately?

I'm getting the feeling more people are aware of it and trying it out themselves. It seems like it's a lot more common than around a year ago, I was pretty confident a year ago I had never played a map hacker. Now it feels like it's every 100 or so games I either find someone doing it or really weird play, but no proof.

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After I lose I'm usually too angry at myself for losing and don't bother to check the replay

#3 Posted by Jace (1135 posts) -

I thought this thread was going to be about playing as Terran. Seriously though, that's pretty messed up.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19817 posts) -

I'd say I've not encountered hacking at all yet, but I don't rewatch all of my matches so I'm not too sure. Though, this is a very big problem for SC2 if it is prevalent, so I hope it gets addressed soon.

#5 Posted by Willza92 (286 posts) -

Can't say I have encountered this but...

@Cramsy said:

After I lose I'm usually too angry at myself for losing and don't bother to check the replay

#6 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

I've yet to come across any cheating... though I do see alot of play in games and think to my self, why would do u do that unless you where cheating... but then I watch the replay and see that its because they are just garbage...

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