Did not expect to win this one

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That was a lot of fun ^^
I was going for an early attack (transition to blink stalkers), and suddenly I got attacked by mass marines, thinking he must have gone around the map (map was metropolis) so I just killed them with my probes and two stalkers (my big army was down south by his base).
Well the rest you can find out in the replay, I will ruin the match if I tell more ^^
Happy now? :D

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Posting replays 

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Description? I'll watch the replay later but this thread will probably get deleted if you don't provide some sort of summary of what went on.

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That was a lot of fun ^^

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Edited with some description.
Why does not the embeded code work on giantbomb forum?
Sometimes I feel this forum is retarded.

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Bad cheese is bad. I especially like the part where he built his expo on the other side of the map then flew it back to his natural.

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I'm gonna make an official replay thread.
Edit: I've made an official replay thread.

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Sent this into when cheese fails, kk 

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