Does anyone have any hot key tricks?

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I am very slow. I know I need to use hot keys, and I can (most of the time) when a unit is selected, but do you have any tricks for grouping buildings or is it just a matter of quick clicking?

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You always want to hotkey your buildings so you can watch a fight while you are still producing units, that way if you need to retreat you actually know you need to or something like that

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For starters, put your nexus/cc/hatch as 4, and your rax/gate as 5. And of course your main army as 1. If you play zerg, try putting the queen on 5. Try to keep it simple, but never ever click on the things you have grouped. Once you get the hang of it, you can start grouping your advanced unit producing structures, splitting your main army into more control groups etc.

Also, in options, you can make the hotkey for unit/structure abilities always visible on screen every time that unit/structure is selected, and not only when you mouse over it so that it appears in tooltip.
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What race do you play?

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Remember, if you want to add a new building or unit to an existing hotkey (let's say 1), you don't have to select them all and do "Ctrl + 1" again, you just have to click on the new unit/building and press "Shift +1". It doesn't seem that helpful at first, but it's really helpful as Zerg for being able to add a lot of expansions to the same hotkey as your main.

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My usual hotkeys:
1 Main army
2 First scouting probe then spellcaster/important units in the army
3 Observer(s)
4 Nexi
9 Gateways until warp gate is done, then all my robos and stargates
0 Tech buildings

After I have warp gate researched I don't even hotkey my gateways, I just constantly look at the number which shows how many of them are active and use 'W' to warp in units.

Also could someone please remind me how to select all units (EDIT:I meant a unit type, like 'selecet all stalkers'.)? Apart from double clicking, that is.

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  Watch this video. Always be "tapping".

At the start, using the keyboard seems really slow, but you will soon pick it up and it will feel really good.

Two points for anyone who can guess what this produces: 4e5z6i
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#8 Edited by Cataphract1014 (1470 posts) -
@Riddell:  1 Probe, 1 Zealot, and 1 immortal

For me it would be 4eWz3i
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#9 Posted by eldiax (648 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
" Also could someone please remind me how to select all units (EDIT:I meant a unit type, like 'selecet all stalkers'.)? Apart from double clicking, that is. "
CTRL + click :)
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#10 Posted by imsh_pl (4195 posts) -

And for me 4eWz9r

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#11 Posted by Ben_H (3916 posts) -

I play grid so it's 4qTq5e

I don't hotkey warpgates. I've gotten so used to having them as T (The default for grid, it's W in standard) that I don't bother.  I do hotkey robo to 5, and stargates to 6.  And sometimes forges to 7.

For Terran, I hotkey rax to 5, factory to 6, starport to 7.

For Zerg, Near-main hatches on 4, distant hatches on 5 (so I don't have units crossing the whole map if I have a hidden expo), and queens on 7 if I want to do minimap larvae spawns.

Also, for all races, switch backspace to ` or ~.  It makes skipping from base to base insanely easy.  I use if for all races constantly, especially when I want to do a worker count because it allows me to count without having to click.  I also use f2-f6 as location saves so I can quickly jump back.   I may switch f2-f4 to be grouping hotkeys that replicate 8-0.
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Something I found and really like: Set control group 0 to the space bar, and put your CCs/Nexuses/Hatcheries there. This frees up one of your close number hotkeys and gets rid of that bloody "last event" button that always messes up your camera (mine, at least).

So, I have spacebar hatch, 1-4 armies, 5 barracks 6 factories 7 starports, 8 tech labs and 9 EBays/Armories

@Ben_H: I like to use f1 and f2 for locations, but I think I might switch f3 and f4 to call groups 8 and 9. Thanks for the idea.

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as a protoss, I have the tilde key as one of my cameras and set it to a pylon so whenever i want to warp in, i click "tilde, w, etc."

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My hotkeys are Tilde, 1-5, F1-F3 and Y. I use 6-0 for camera hotkeys of my bases and Ctrl+W for my camera hotkey of proxy pylon (Alt+W binds it)
1-3 army
4 gates
5 nexi
F1 robos
F2 stargates
F3 forges
Tilde observer

Also I've changed the annoying hotkeys. I've changes hotkeys for all upgrades, nexus, immortal, things like that.
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#15 Posted by Tyashki (222 posts) -
@CaLe said:
Playing on Grid, when transferring probes to gas, hit D and they will return any minerals they are carrying before continuing to get gas. At least I think it's D, I haven't played in a while.
Playing on Regular the key is C for this. I just started doing it. :)
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#16 Posted by Fallen189 (5453 posts) -

Main army on 1

Infestors or Mutas on 2
Hatches on 3
Queens on 4/5/6
Evos on 0

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#17 Posted by NEuRoSiS (11 posts) -

1-3 army

4 all hatcheries
5 queen with designated hatch
6 queen w/ hatch
7 queen w/hatch

And so on. At least, that's my preference.
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Here is what I do. I do 1 as zerglings 2 as next grouping of units (be it roach, muta, baneling, whatever.) 3 as another grouping of units, usually Infestors or (Mutas if I have hydras or roach) and then I group 4 for my whole army to move them as one. 5 would be hatch 1, 6 be hatch 2, 7 for hatch 3 and so forth. I find that that's the easiest route for me. I like to select hatches separately and quick look to them (double tap hotkey to jump screen to the selected item) and then inject larvae, since I will produce units in even groupings commonly to know how much resource and food I've used, then switch back to my army. I've practiced it a lot, so I can do it rather quickly. APM while doing this shoots to 250 minimum from my average of 130 to 170.  

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#19 Posted by baldgye (776 posts) -

at the start of the game;
1-scout probe
3-builder probe

then after I've scouted

2-spell casters
3-builder probe

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Slightly off topic, but what are the advantages of Grid over the default hotkeys?

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@Grimluck343: A friend of mine tried to sell me on Grid. It didn't work. Basically, grid lays out hotkeys to match the pattern of buttons on the command window (lower right corner of your screen). The default keys were designed to be good hotkeys, grid was set to match the arbitrary arrangement of a decade-old picture. You can decide which you think is better.
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Okay so IMO.... Hotkeys are completely subjective!!! the game allows you to be as flexiable as you want it to be in terms of hotkeys..  you can rebind any key!! 
One thing is for sure, u must use them if you wat to get better! 
the hotkey setups proposed by the above are your everyday setups and a very good starting point!  Mine is: 
1 Nexus(s) 2 army 3 army 4 robo 5 Stargate and the rest harras!! im a high diamond works for me and also you may find a lot of people disagree with nexus on 1, but its COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE.. MANY MANY pros use nexus on 1 and many on 4 and many on 5.. 
Whatever works for  you man.. but you have to learn to hotkey your NEXUS, ARMY!! AT LEAST

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