Friday Night Livestream KotH Tournament: In Search of a Co-Caster

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#1 Posted by Pilot_ (5 posts) -

Hello everyone. I'm Pilot and I'm in search of a co-caster for a little Starcraft II tournament tomorrow night at 9 EST. Normally, I co-cast this king of the hill tourney with Moztacular, but he's out of town. I could do it myself, but I've never solo casted before and I prefer someone along with me. If you're interested, just post here.

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#2 Posted by Hennet_sim (353 posts) -

I will be willing and able to help if you want.

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#3 Posted by Pilot_ (5 posts) -

@Hennet_sim: Ah, Hennet. Thanks for your offered support, not to mention your participation in previous tournaments. Unfortunately, I think I'll have to cancel the tournament tonight. That being said, Moztacular won't be back for next week's tourney, either. If you're interested in helping me out next week, I would be glad for your assistance.

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