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Okay, I need some high-concept starcraft mumbo-jumbo for a story I'm writing. The characters are having a war strategy meeting, and when asked his opinion one of the characters needs to spout off an extremely complicated and confusing (to non-starcraft players) strategy using the kinda of vocabulary you would use to describe a match in starcraft. Unfortunately my knowledge of the lingo doesn't stem very far, and having him say "9 pylon" repeatedly won't really fit. So i'm turning to you guys for help. It needs to be 100% serious sounding even though the scene is played for laughs (the other characters won't know what he's talking about). I'd like it to be about 4-6 sentences if possible, but if that's too much then it's fine. Thank you in advance for any help!

Additional info:

The side the starcraft guy is on has three fairly large armies, the enemy forces are two very large armies.

The good guys are stuck in a corner on a peninsula, the enemies forces stretch for several hundred miles north.

The starcraft guy plays protos.

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Starcraft has the best jargon: "Destiny cloud fist" refers to the 1/1/1 Terran opener and sounds like the literal translation of a Street Fighter move.

You might check out a few of the older Newbie Tuesday casts by Day[9] for some more basic jargon that might as well be Sanskrit to the uninitiated.

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@Ravenlight said:

"Destiny cloud fist" refers to the 1/1/1 Terran opener

both of those sound like extremely odd sexual activities to me lol

@dogman795: you don't happen to be writing for The Big Bang Theory, do you? :P

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You should probably add in master of the metagame at some point.

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How about "proxy 2-gate zealot push," or any subset of that. Whatever you do, "proxy"s always a good word to stick in there.

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Open with a forge fast expand into stargate harass, allowing you to take a third without worrying about roach all ins. Once you wall off your third switch tech from stargate to robo productions and then use warp prisms to harass with DTs. Keep hurting their economy while maxing out and getting double upgrades then take your deathball and start sniping expansions and taking over the map. Leave some cannons at your bases to defend counter-attacks.

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9 pylon is a sick build, i open with it every game, even vs Z

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I highly recommend this for some good jargon music.

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