Giant Bomb Community SC2 US Tournament #10, July 9th!

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#1 Edited by Thule (722 posts) -

Welcome to the tenth(!!!) Giant Bomb US community Starcraft II tournament!

Considering it's been awhile since you've had a tournament, I've decided to host one for you guys.

This tournament is open to players of all skill levels and you're welcome to come spectate even if you're not participating.

Hall of Fame:

Decided to create a Hall of Fame to commemorate the past winners.

US Giant Bomb Community Tournament winners:


- The tournament will be played in a double elimination format. This means you'll have to lose twice in order to be eliminated.

- The semi-final(Losers's bracket and Winner's bracket) and final matches will be played as a Best-of-3.

- If a player drops from a match, he may request a rematch, assuming the match was relatively even.

- No cheating or use of exploits is allowed.

- Spectating other people's matches is allowed, assuming you don't have to play a match yourself. But please be courteous enough to leave if a player experiences lag due to a large number of spectators.


Map pool:

  • - Typhon Peaks
  • - Shattered Temple
  • - Shakuras Plateau
  • - Backwater Gulch
  • - Xel'Naga Caverns.
  • - Tal'Darim Altar LE
  • - Terminus RE

+ Map to play on will be determined by elimination. Each player will eliminate one map each until only one map remains to play on. (You can also just come to a consensus together on which map you want to play on)

+ In the Best-of-3's in the semi-final and final the loser gets to pick the map after the first game.

How to sign up:

Reply in this thread saying you'd like to enter. Official sign-ups will be at the start of the tournament in order to eliminate no-shows and to keep the number of Bye's to a minimum.

Posting your ID and character code might also be a good idea. This'll allow me and the other participants to add you now, rather than the day of the tournament. This'll save some time and hassle.

You also need anUS accountin order to participate. (Or a time pass in case you're from Europe and don't have a US account)

I´m also making it a requirement for everyone to sign up using their own Challonge account. The advantage of this is that you´ll be able to report the outcome of your matches yourself, rather than waiting for me to update the brackets.

You can sign up for a free Challonge account here.

The sign up page is now live! Go here to sign up.


The tournament is going to start on Saturday July 9th, 1:00PM CDT(Central US), 2:00PM EST(East Coast US), 11:00AM PDT(Pacific Coast US), 20:00PM CEST(Central Europe)

If you're not sure about the timezones, check here. (Also let me know if I made a mistake)

Sign-ups will be open until 1:00PM CDT / 2:00PM EST / 11:00AM PDT / 20:00PM CEST. This means you should arrive/sign up before those times, otherwise you won't be included in the bracket and won't be able to participate. Arriving 5 minutes before the given time will be more than enough time to sign up.

I'll post the sign-up page on the day of the tournament. Bracket will be posted after sign-ups are closed.

Remember to join the 'giantbomb' channel on once the tournament has started.


Giant Bomb user Vic_Ramen has volunteered again to stream and commentate some matches. He could still use a co-commentator, so if you're interested, send him a message. Other streamers are also very welcome.

You can find Vic_Ramen's stream here.

Moztacular will also be streaming, you can find his stream here.

Participant list:

Giant Bomb ID - ID + character code

Thule - Thule #469

baldgye -

Shibbxyz -

Grimluck343 -

DG991 - drizzt #550

EkajArmstro - EkajArmstro #769

Mauveforest -

Hemlock - Hemlock #695

tankintheair #315

SJSchmidt93 - Stalorne #994

crypticsc - Cryptic #528

BigAT - BigAT #908

Menseguez - SaltTomato #588

Bwast - walrus #540

thejamster - James #864

KingTony - KingTony #405

commandercup - CommanderCup #463

memphis - SelectStar - #960

Harmonic - Harmonic #803

harris -

ZeroFanatic - ZeroFanatic #868

Psych - Psych #265

ProjektGill - SSG #559

Hennet_sim - Hennet #582


#2 Posted by Vic_Ramen (38 posts) -

Fuck yes THE RETURN!

#3 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

I'm game

#4 Posted by Moztacular (525 posts) -

Thanks for getting the ball rolling with another tournament thule! 
I should be available to stream or commentate if needed, finally have time available for such a great event! 
I'm out of the country until Saturday or Sunday but once I'm back I'll get in touch with you vic about some hot streaming action.  
Sign up everybody.
#5 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

Anyone got a Trial key they can lend me for this ? :D

#6 Posted by Grimluck343 (1177 posts) -

Let's do this!

#7 Posted by csl316 (11227 posts) -

I won't be home, but nice to see The Return!

#8 Edited by DG991 (1435 posts) -

I''M IN!

edit: dg991 - drizzt 550

#9 Posted by SelkciPlum (31 posts) -

It is likewise I will participate.

#10 Posted by EkajArmstro (428 posts) -

I'm in. EkajArmstro.769

#11 Posted by MauveForest (605 posts) -

I can not wait to play :)

#12 Posted by Vic_Ramen (38 posts) -

Oh and i should mention I have ONE guest pass. Though i would wait until a little closer to the actual tourney, It will be First Come First serve so please message me now and i will hold the key for whoever does :). Thanks!


#13 Posted by Hemlock (84 posts) -

I'm in again~


#14 Posted by tankintheair315 (388 posts) -

I guess I'll make a fool of myself.

#15 Edited by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

I'll play most likely. Even though I've said this for like the last 4 or 5 tournaments and have missed them all for various reasons. :((( 

#16 Posted by crypticsc (39 posts) -


#17 Posted by BigAT (108 posts) -

I missed the last couple, but I'll be back for this one! 

#18 Posted by Menseguez (190 posts) -

I'm in, though I haven't played for a long time and just before I stopped playing I switched races. When you consider what my skill level was before all that then...let's just say I have no skill level now. Guess this'll be motivation to practise.

#19 Posted by Bwast (1376 posts) -

Thanks to my new job, I might actually be able to participate this time. I sometimes have to work on Saturdays but hopefully I'll be able to get home in time if I do.

#20 Posted by imsh_pl (3604 posts) -

Thule's a total boss.
The nederlandish folk are the best I tell ya.

#21 Posted by raiz265 (2249 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
Thule's a total boss.  The nederlandish folk are the best I tell ya.
they still talk a weird language though! 
ill join if i'm there i guess
#22 Posted by thejamster (270 posts) -

i'm in  

#23 Posted by KingTony (5 posts) -

Time for me to reclaim the throne that I los- never had...
I'm in... KingTony.405

#24 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -

I just upgraded my gaming PC after taking a break from PC Gaming/StarCraft! Maybe I can finally win 1st? CommanderCup.463

#25 Posted by laserbolts (5485 posts) -

I don't play but I'll definitely be tuning in. I have zero stars craft experience but I can't stop watching it. I hope brad jumps into this one.

#26 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

@laserbolts said:

I don't play but I'll definitely be tuning in. I have zero stars craft experience but I can't stop watching it. I hope brad jumps into this one.

Probably not, he's too busy playing other games now. He's also mentioned on the podcast that he stopped palying 1v1 games.

#27 Posted by memphis (9 posts) -

im there!! 

SelectStar #960 
lucky i have an US account too

#28 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -

@Thule said:

@laserbolts said:

I don't play but I'll definitely be tuning in. I have zero stars craft experience but I can't stop watching it. I hope brad jumps into this one.

Probably not, he's too busy playing other games now. He's also mentioned on the podcast that he stopped palying 1v1 games.

:(, I finally got to play Norm, but I guess I'll never get a chance to match up with Brad.

#29 Posted by Harmonic (19 posts) -

Hell, it's about time. 
I'm in, Harmonic 803

#30 Posted by harris (841 posts) -

Glad to see someone else picking up the mantle while I'm not setting these up, I'll try to be there. I forgot my character code, but I'll post it up later or just enter it when signing up on the bracket.

#31 Posted by ZeroFanatic (13 posts) -

I am in
Zerofanatic 868

#32 Posted by Psych (16 posts) -

I am totally in Psych.265 !!!!!!!!!

#33 Posted by ProjektGill (774 posts) -

Missed the last one but I'm in for this month's tournament.  

#34 Posted by SelkciPlum (31 posts) -

Sorry guys, I have a sports event on Saturday and my parents won't let me miss D:  
I can't wait until eSports becomes mainstream.... but yea, you can take me off the list.

#35 Posted by Laneyy (48 posts) -

I wish I wasn't working and had an North American account! 
Hope you all have a good tournament.

#36 Posted by Hennet_sim (351 posts) -

I will join up Hennet - 582 to show off the might of the bronze league.

#37 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -
#38 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -

GL HF HB everybody, I can't join because I don't have a US account :), but I'll definitely be watching the streams.

#39 Posted by crypticsc (39 posts) -

sign up people only 2 hours left!!

#40 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

I still need trial key :<

#41 Posted by thejamster (270 posts) -

signed up, comon  people lets do this!

#42 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

@Shibbxyz said:

I still need trial key :<

I'll tell VicRamen to give it to you as soon as he comes online.

#43 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

when does it start???

#44 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

@baldgye said:

when does it start???

30-ish minutes from now

#45 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

kk and damn is the US chat channel quiet....

#46 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

playing like utter garbage is awesome

#47 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

@baldgye said:

playing like utter garbage is awesome

Did you leave because you lost? I'm assuming you didn't know it was double elimination or did real life intervene?

#48 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4998 posts) -

fun tourney.. thanks thule 
But I wish I could've played better.. i don't think 4th place is very good

#49 Posted by Moztacular (525 posts) -
#50 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -
@Thule said:

@baldgye said:

playing like utter garbage is awesome

Did you leave because you lost? I'm assuming you didn't know it was double elimination or did real life intervene?

shit i forgot it was double elimination... I was just mad becasue I played so badly and had to ladder on my main acc (EU) to try and get my game back lol

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