Giant Bomb Community SC2 US Tournament #13, April 29th!

#101 Posted by YI_Orange (1211 posts) -

GUHHHHHHH. I kept meaning to sign up but totally forgot :(. Assuming I'm still trying to get back into SC 2 when the next one roles around I'll be here though.

#102 Posted by Hennet_sim (350 posts) -
Supreme Champion:haffy #241
Worthy Adversary:Cryptic #528
Maybe Next Time:Chronologist #470
4th place:moztacular #140
5th place tie:FluxWaveZ #478
NateTheGreat #356
7th place tie:Hennet #582
Ramboknife #876
9th place tie:Mac #879
mrbungle #282
mauveforest 990
Alexander The David
13th place tie:BALDGYE #628
Negatio #1187
17th place tie:Teegy #731
Anupsis #632
Wunder #528
DexterMorgan #338
#103 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

So Brad was too "rusty" to participate? Pf, excuses. I look forward to seeing him taking part in the next one.

#104 Posted by MacEG (277 posts) -

If anyone has replays, send them to I'm organizing the replays so that other people will be able to see how this thing went down.

I have all of FluxWaveZ and Cryptic's so far.

I also have DexterMorgan vs. Negatio.

#105 Edited by csl316 (10874 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

So Brad was too "rusty" to participate? Pf, excuses. I look forward to seeing him taking part in the next one.

Rusty? Pfft, half of the people in the chat said they hadn't played in 6 months.

And if Brad's afraid of us seeing him fail... well, I'll just say that's not something new to us.

#106 Edited by Ramboknife (133 posts) -

Hey guys, that was really fun today. It was nice chatting with you all and it definitely has inspired me to actually get back into Starcraft 2 again. I will take my 6th place finish and hold it high...but be warned, I AM COMING BACK FOR 1ST PLACE!

#107 Posted by TruthTellah (9637 posts) -

Congrats to all of the winners! I look forward to competing in one of these in the future. :)

#108 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

Wasn't able to play was doing a qualifier tourny at that time but its good to see I finished 13th and well done Haffy

#109 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

I feel like crying watching the stream. All of my early mistakes are being noted compared to what haffy's doing. Nice way to learn, though.

yeah im kinda gutted i played like trash in my 1st game (and only vs someone i could learn anything from)... back to ladder i go

#110 Posted by Chronologist (288 posts) -

Thanks again Hennet for organizing this :) It was really fun.

I must say I really surprised myself, winning over 2 diamond-duders.. Had not expected that.

GG's all.

#111 Posted by Hennet_sim (350 posts) -

It was a fun tournament really great turn out and next time I need to practice more than just ZvP. Thanks to everyone that showed up.

#112 Posted by MourerR (12 posts) -

I'm just starting out but would like to participate.

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