Giant Bomb Community StarCraft II Tournament #7, February 19!

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Cryptic wins!



With last month's tournament (which went extremely well!) just a week behind us, we're ready to announce the next tournament! As always, the tournament is open to all skill levels, so we encourage everyone to participate. You can always just drop by to watch the stream, too. The tournament will be in double elimination format. 

Important Info

The tournament will be at 1:30PM CST (2:30PM EST, 11:30AM PST) on Saturday, February 19th. At that time, check back here for specific instructions. It's important that you check back here when these instructions are posted, or you may be disqualified. Be sure to read below for instructions on signing up.
Sadly, you must have a account that is capable of playing with US accounts in order to participate. Check out the EU Tournament if you're not eligible for this one.


Winners Bracket
1st Round: Xel'Naga Caverns
2st Round: Scrap Station
3nd Round: Steppes of War
4rd Round: Metalopolis
5th Round: Xel'Naga Caverns
Semi-finals: Lost Temple (Bo3)
Finals: Shakuras Plateau (Bo3)

Note: Map pool subject to change.
Losers Bracket
You may choose from any of the maps in the current ladder map pool or any of the below maps. If the two players cannot come to a decision, play on Metalopolis.
GSL Aiur Garden
GSL Tal'Darim Altar
GSL Biohazard II 1.1
GSL Crossfire SE
GSL Terminus RE
GSL Crevasse
GSL Legacy of the Void 


You can watch the tournament here when the tournament is live. 


The prizes are as follows: 
First place: $10 steam game 
Second place: $5 steam game 
While we do not anticipate it, these prizes are subject to change.

How to Enter

To entry, simply post below saying you'd like to enter. We will be collecting your SC2 name and character code at the beginning of the tournament, so it is vital that you check back on this post when the tournament is beginning. 
Sign-ups will remain open until the tournament begins.  
Thanks, we look forward to seeing you at the tournament! 
Special thanks to SenorSausage for the graphic
#2 Posted by wchigo (566 posts) -

Yet another opportunity for me to make a fool of myself! :3

#3 Posted by tankintheair315 (351 posts) -

Yes I will be there, as long as I can be.

#4 Posted by crypticsc (38 posts) -

ill also enter :D

#5 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@wchigo: Hey, you did better than me last time! I'm sure you'll do fine - or at very least above the "make a fool out of yourself" level.
#6 Posted by ATTILAtheFUN (48 posts) -

Im in! ATTILAtheFUN.500

#7 Posted by Arkanti (256 posts) -

Fucking love these things, I'll be in unless something unexpected happens... again.

#8 Posted by ATTILAtheFUN (48 posts) -

sure hope they dont last too long, because i work soon 4 hours after that

#9 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

What if I have never played a match of SCII before today.

#10 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2029 posts) -

I'm in!

#11 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@LordXavierBritish: You'd likely pick up a lot from watching the stream - and hey, you could get pretty decent in 2 weeks time! In the worst case scenario, you'll lose twice and have some good replays to analyze.
#12 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -


#13 Posted by TheCableKid (206 posts) -

SC2: CableKid
Count me in!

#14 Posted by TobbRobb (4843 posts) -

US only? NOOOOO, I really wanted to join ;(. Even though it would only end up being me getting raped.

#15 Posted by imsh_pl (3314 posts) -
@TobbRobb: Don't worry, there's an EU tournament too!
#16 Posted by TobbRobb (4843 posts) -
@imsh_pl: OH, thanks :P
#17 Posted by StarvingGamer (8555 posts) -

Bwargh I may have to miss this one as my girlfriend's mom will be staying with us that weekend... BWARGH!!!

#18 Posted by Thrawn1 (1340 posts) -

do you think the time/date for these will ever change? 

#19 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@Thrawn: The times/dates are usually based on when the organizers/streamers are available, so they usually end up being about the same.
#20 Posted by YI_Orange (1172 posts) -

I'm in again.
#21 Posted by Hennet_sim (336 posts) -

This Bronze leaguer chooses to enter  and this time I will program the event in to my phone so I will not be an hour late but this time an hour early :D    

#22 Posted by Carrotpatch (8 posts) -

Im in 
Good to see yall again!

#23 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@Hennet_sim: Always a good idea! I should do the same ;)
#24 Posted by Wunder_ (1171 posts) -


#25 Posted by Torn (14 posts) -

I'm in!

#26 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@Wunder_: Are you gonna be able to make it while you're in Australia?
#27 Posted by Wunder_ (1171 posts) -
@harris: Depends if I'm in my dorm yet or not - if I'm still on mobile internet I can still probably cast.
#28 Posted by pigmartyr (211 posts) -

Sure thing. I'll make some people feel good by donating a couple of wins.  =)
see you all on the 19th

#29 Posted by DocHaus (1374 posts) -

I may be a mere bronze leaguer, but I shall use this as a learning experience (as in, "How to get your ass kicked in five minutes and still retain your dignity!").
Kleptobot #651

#30 Posted by ThatFrood (3395 posts) -
@DocHaus said:
" I may be a mere bronze leaguer, but I shall use this as a learning experience (as in, "How to get your ass kicked in five minutes and still retain your dignity!").  Kleptobot #651 "
That's the spirit!
#31 Posted by Herocide (440 posts) -

Sounds fun!
Herocide, 788

#32 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@DocHaus: Awesome :) I'm sure you'll learn something useful!
#33 Posted by Joker369 (878 posts) -

I'll play again

#34 Posted by wildarmz (11 posts) -

In it to win it with MOTHERSHIPS

#35 Posted by Hemlock (80 posts) -

Sounds like fun! I'm down to play, I'm on Hemlock.695.

#36 Posted by listerfeend (56 posts) -

#37 Posted by Rrang (80 posts) -

Id like to throw my hat in! Time to practice...

#38 Posted by EnchantedEcho (740 posts) -

I'll join in, I have watched the stream a few times now and I feel like joining in this time around.

#39 Posted by Menseguez (184 posts) -

I'd like to enter as well(low bronze league level player who got misplaced into gold league and has no time to practice). I'll hopefully be able to get some practice in before this tournament though.

#40 Posted by elitebear (74 posts) -

count me in

#41 Posted by KingTony (4 posts) -

KingTony.405 glhb!

#42 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4899 posts) -

I'll try. Gonna depend on some things. I've missed the last two :\

#43 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
@SJSchmidt93: Hope you can make it!
#44 Edited by BigAT (71 posts) -

I'm in again, assuming I can tear myself away from MvC3 to play!

#45 Posted by ReTarDedFisHy (1071 posts) -

ReTarDedFisHy is in!  
pTr #783 
glhb all

#46 Edited by Arkanti (256 posts) -

 Lol, I managed to disable my NAT completely on my router without knowing what that would do exactly. It turns out it makes the router pretty much useless! Couldn't connect to it through Lan or Wireless to access its controls to turn NAT back on again, so I had to hard restart it losing my internet config. And then I realised that I'd lost some of my net info like the VPI/VCI settings, luckily I managed to get on to phone tech support from my IP even though it's like midnight here to find that shit out again.
Man I can't believe I made it so close to not getting to play again due to further internet related retardation (although admittedly the fault would have been laid squarely upon myself this time.)\
Edit: Arkanti #899
Do we really need to enrol in this thread? Normally we're just asked to sign up on the ladder page anyways.
Holy shit this is on next week bahaha. I stayed up for this. Oh well, see you guys next Sunday(Or Saturday if you live in crazy world).

#47 Posted by Harmonic (18 posts) -

These are always really fun, I'm in

#48 Posted by FellZephyr (1 posts) -

Im in. FellZephyr # 963

#49 Posted by illmatic19 (964 posts) -
#50 Posted by GhettoBond (66 posts) -

I'm in, and I can't wait to make a fool of myself. 

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