Giant Bomb Community Starcraft II Tournament #9, May 7th!

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Let's get this thing started:

The tournament will start at 1:30PM CDT (2:30PM EST, 11:30AM PDT, 20:30PM CEST) on Saturday, May 7th

Timezone help:


1) Sign up on the Challonge sign-up page if you're sure you can participate.(You can wait until the time above if you're unsure, best to do this to keeps bye's to a minimum)
You must have a Challonge account in order to sign up, because you'll be reporting your own scores. You can find a link to register in the link below.

 2) Get online on Battlenet a little before the tournament starts and join the 'giantbomb' chat channel
Brackets will be finalized a little after the tournament starts.


Find the stream here

User Vic_Ramen will be running a stream for everyone to watch games for this tournament, thanks!

Sign-ups will remain open until the tournament begins.  
Thanks, we look forward to seeing you at the tournament! 
Special thanks to SenorSausage for the graphic
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Totally excited for this, I was beginning to wonder when the next one would be. Also, I look forward to maybe playing against you moz! :P

#3 Posted by Thule (721 posts) -

I will be joining again too!
Good to see you're participating again Moz!

#4 Posted by Menseguez (188 posts) -

I'm in. Missed the last one but I'll be sure to make it this time.

#5 Posted by GhettoBond (76 posts) -

This will be my first tournament, but I'm in.

#6 Posted by Moztacular (524 posts) -
@Thule: Thought it was time to show everyone how it was done...we'll see if I make it out of the gates.
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Sweet, this is happening right in the middle of my finals week and i will probably need some way to blow off some steam! Hopefully i dont go out in the first round cause that doesnt seem like a good way to blow off steam at all

edit: my 4gate has been perfected, prepare to be eliminated!
#8 Posted by TheCableKid (242 posts) -

Super pumped, missed the last one cause of work but this one I am definitely in for.

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I might try this to see how my Terran is coming  and to put all other Terrans to shame :P ..... Well they will probably be in disgust of how I do. I might go Protoss in my loser bracket round but starting as Terran to get some diversity from all the Protoss  :D

#10 Posted by supermike6 (3752 posts) -

Hey, this time I can actually play in it! I recently switched to Zerg so I'm gonna have to practice a lot for this; I'm pretty pumped even though I'm probably going to go out in the first round.

#11 Posted by wchigo (588 posts) -

Err... I will hopefully be able to make this. But this will be taking place post-move for me, so I'm not sure if I'll be up at that time of day, or will have a strong enough rig to run the game. =x

#12 Posted by raiz265 (2243 posts) -

i'd seriously consider buying an US version of sc2 for this and other events since it's only 40$ (28€) on atm... but i has no credit card :(

#13 Edited by imsh_pl (3447 posts) -

I'd join, if I had an NA account.


#14 Posted by Moztacular (524 posts) -
@Hennet_sim: based on last tournament, we didn't have many terrans towards the end so go terran! I'll be repping zerg like a baller don't worry
#15 Posted by Joker369 (923 posts) -

I'm in

#16 Posted by Wunder_ (1201 posts) -
@wchigo:  Good luck in China buddy <333

#17 Posted by SelkciPlum (31 posts) -

I think I'll be there. GGincSelkciP 162

#18 Posted by Enigma777 (6224 posts) -


#19 Posted by Tyashki (218 posts) -

4am tournament... Tempting.

#20 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

I'll prolly buy a NA account :P 

#21 Posted by Grimluck343 (1176 posts) -

Hopefully I can make this, I've always wanted to shame myself in this tournament!

#22 Posted by harris (841 posts) -

I will try my hardest to participate in and help organize this tournament.  Unfortunately it'll be right in the middle of my exams, so Moztacular has taken over the primary organizer role. Big thanks to him for that!

#23 Posted by YI_Orange (1208 posts) -

Been really looking forward to this and staying on top of my game. A random WILL win a tournament(unless it's already happened somewhere)

#24 Posted by Thule (721 posts) -
@YI_Orange said:
" Been really looking forward to this and staying on top of my game. A random WILL win a tournament(unless it's already happened somewhere) "
Domorin already randomed in a tournament and won, I think.
#25 Posted by ZombiePie (6121 posts) -

Man...did I really forget to unpin the last tournament from this board?

#26 Posted by YI_Orange (1208 posts) -
@Thule said:
" @YI_Orange said:
" Been really looking forward to this and staying on top of my game. A random WILL win a tournament(unless it's already happened somewhere) "
Domorin already randomed in a tournament and won, I think. "

Grandmaster's don't count.
#27 Posted by crypticsc (39 posts) -

i really hope i can play in it D:

#28 Posted by raiz265 (2243 posts) -

ok.. so i actually did end up buying an US account... I'll be there i guess ._.

#29 Posted by Moztacular (524 posts) -
@raiz265: excellent, looking forward to seeing you there!
#30 Posted by thejamster (270 posts) -

omg sooo upset,  wanted to do one of these for so long but i've always been away specificaly on the weekend of the tourny and no others....  :'(

#31 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

I'm in.  I suck, but I'm in.

#32 Posted by csl316 (10352 posts) -
@ZombiePie said:
" Man...did I really forget to unpin the last tournament from this board? "
It's cool.  But if you could, please please unpin GSL March since that tournament's been over.  We've been keeping GSL May towards the top of the forum, so that doesn't necessarily need a pin.
#33 Posted by Servo (27 posts) -

I'm in, hopefully nothing comes up to keep me from this.

#34 Edited by Obsidian (347 posts) -

I've mostly been playing team games lately (can't believe it placed me in silver 2v2 and 4v4 -.-) because I want to be at least platinum in every league, but I'd like to participate in this tournament. Hopefully I can take a game or two.

What leagues are the people that usually compete in these things?

#35 Posted by Nalas (4 posts) -

I'm down

#36 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

Feel my Silver League.

#37 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

Would love to play but I prolly be too busy with exams

Also would need some more 7 hour trial keys :P (if anyone got one spare that be sweet)
Will still watch though
#38 Posted by Zoidoid (12 posts) -

I would like to be included! Danke!
#39 Posted by tankintheair315 (388 posts) -

I may, or may not be participating. Probs yes. I can also help organize.

#40 Posted by Gammashoo (34 posts) -

Heyoooooooo zerg rushin'!

#41 Posted by Vic_Ramen (37 posts) -

Hey guys, Just wanted to make a note that i do have a couple of guest passes, so if any Euro players dont have a US account shoot me a PM and id be glad to provide you with the pass :). Only have 2 unfortunately so it is going to be first come first serve :/. 

#42 Posted by KyleBaron (176 posts) -



I booked the day off work. My body is ready.
#43 Posted by Andryan (57 posts) -

I just realized that I will be working every saturday this summer. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

#44 Posted by sandal_hat (111 posts) -

Time to put these newly promoted silver level skills to the test. I'm down!

#45 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

what time does it start GMT? If its not too late I might be able to join in with my US acc

#46 Posted by imsh_pl (3447 posts) -
@baldgye: I think it's about 6pm GMT.
#47 Posted by Thule (721 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
" @baldgye: I think it's about 6pm GMT. "
You aren't joining imsh? Vic_Ramen has some guest passes.(top of this page)
#48 Posted by hellknight6 (18 posts) -

I have a guest pass or two if anyone needs one

#49 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -
@imsh_pl said:
" @baldgye: I think it's about 6pm GMT. "
6pm is when I finish work on saterdays so thats cool with me.... GOLD 1v1 FTW
#50 Posted by IamTom (44 posts) -

I'm in duders. First timer ftw.

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