GiantBomb Community SC2 EU Tournament #5, Feb 12th!

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Welcome to the fifth Giantbomb EU community Starcraft II tournament! 

Last time we had a false start, but I'm back and this time we won't have any problems or scheduling errors. (I hope)
This tournament is open to players of all skill levels and you're welcome to come spectate even if you're not participating.

Let's get started!

1.) Sign up here using your ID(i.e. Name#123) 

2.) Join the ingame chat channel 'giantbomb'. Remember the tournament starts at 19:30 CET, so you might want to be there 5 minutes early, though it's not a big problem if you're delayed.
3) If you're not playing/participating, you can watch Jappernaut's stream here: 


- The tournament will be played in a double elimination format. This means you'll have to lose twice in order to be eliminated.
- The semi-final and final matches will be played as a Best-of-3.
- If a player drops from a match, he may request a rematch, assuming the match was relatively even. 
- No cheating or use of exploits is allowed.
- Spectating other people's matches is allowed, assuming you don't have to play a match yourself. But please be courteous enough to leave if a player experiences lag due to a large number of spectators.


- All current 1v1 Ladder maps will be in the map pool. 
- Lost Temple
- Delta Quadrant
- Shakuras Plateau
- Metalopolis
- Steppes of War
- Scrap Station
- Blistering Sands
- Xel'naga Caverns
- Jungle Basin (Isn't in the map pool anymore, but I need an uneven amount of maps for the elimination method to be fair.)

- Map to play on will be determined by elimination. Each player will eliminate one map each until only one map remains to play on. (You can also just come to a consensus together on which map you want to play on)
- In the Best-of-3's in the semi-final and final the loser gets to pick the map after the first game.

How to sign up:

Reply in this thread saying you'd like to enter. Official sign-ups will be at the start of the tournament in order to eliminate no-shows and to keep the number of Bye's to a minimum.
Posting your ID and character code might also be a good idea. This'll allow me and the other participants to add you now, rather than the day of the tournament. This'll save some time and hassle.

You also need an EU account in order to participate.


The tournament is going to start on Saturday February 12th, 19:30 Central European Time.

Sign-ups will be open until 19:30 CET, so make sure you sign-up in time or you'll be unable to participate.
I'll post the sign-up page on the day of the tournament. Bracket will be posted after sign-ups are closed.

Participant list:

Giant Bomb ID - ID + character code
Thule - Thule #725
imsh_pl - imsh #928  
TheJappernaut - Jappernaut #984
Jazz2 - Wrex #397  
Shibbxyz - Shibbxyz #936
TobbRobb -  TobbRobb #952 
Moleh -  Moleh #220    
mrv321 - Edukator
Chronologist - Chronologist #984
haffy - haffy #498 
Espio25 -  Espio #898 

#2 Posted by harris (841 posts) -

Hope it goes well! 

#3 Posted by imsh_pl (3604 posts) -

I'll participate. imsh #928
Also is this map choosing method 100% set and unchabgable? Not trying to be a dick here, but if every player starts eliminating every map they're uncomfortable on, we'll just end up with every match on Metalopolis or Xel'Naga...
Couldn't me make it more variable? I think the way ladders work (cross off 3 maps from your list) is actually very good.
Of course I don't want to interfere if people have chosen the way of determining the maps by elimination till one remains.

#4 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -

I'll join! will also probably stream again just for the lulz. Hopefully we can do some epic Aiur Chef games after the tournament :P the only blizzard UMS map I haven't tried out yet.

#5 Posted by Jazz2 (156 posts) -

count me in!!!
 giantbomb id: Jazz2
battlenet id: Wrex #397
By the way, do we have an Giantbomb channel on battlenet?

#6 Posted by raiz265 (2249 posts) -
@Jazz2 said:
" count me in!!!  giantbomb id: Jazz2 battlenet id: Wrex #397   By the way, do we have an Giantbomb channel on battlenet?   GLHB "
Just join "Giantbomb" i'd say, but it's pretty empty there most of the time 
Don't know yet if I'm there on the 12th, but ill probably play this time if am!
#7 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

No, the way to choose maps is not set in stone, but in my opinion it's the easiest way to decide on a map. The first time I organized the tournament, I let people 'vote down' maps and picked the map at random. Problem with that is that every time players need to pick a map, I need to be involved. With the elimination method it only requires the players themselves. It helps move things along.
And yes, this'll result in people removing some maps they don't feel comfortable on, but I'm personally fine with that considering some maps are terrible. But, to be honest, I don't think every map played will be Xelnaga or Metal, I can't remember exactly, but last tournament we used the same method and we ended up playing on almost all the maps.
If you've got a better idea on how to choose maps, I'd love to hear it though. I'm open to suggestions.
What Raiz said. The giantbomb sc2 channel is 'giantbomb'. I'm not sure if capitalization matters.

#8 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

Wooo ill join 
Shibbxyz #936

#9 Posted by TobbRobb (5254 posts) -

Sign me up, Sc2 char is TobbRobb 952

#10 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -
@TobbRobb: Yeah like you could ever win anything. Don't make me laugh.
(seriously though glhb)
#11 Posted by Moleh (37 posts) -

I'll join, Moleh #220 if anyone wanna play some practice games before the tourney or maybe im the only one who is rusty...

#12 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -
@TheJappernaut: It would be great if you could stream this, I want to be able to watch my friend play against the rest of the people here.
#13 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -
@Azteck said:
" @TheJappernaut: It would be great if you could stream this, I want to be able to watch my friend play against the rest of the people here. "
You can also join the games as an observer if you don't have to play games yourself ofcourse.  But yea, I'm going to stream so everyone can watch, hopefully I can get the framerate up a little more to make the stream even better.
@Moleh said:

" I'll join, Moleh #220 if anyone wanna play some practice games before the tourney or maybe im the only one who is rusty... "   

I could use some practice. :P Don't know when you are available for some matches, just let me know.
#14 Posted by mrv321 (259 posts) -

When I get back I'll see if I can come, even just to spectate. I'd like to do a 4vs4 fastest map possible, that would be epic with communication.
Edukator is my name
Protoss is my game
I have a decent internet connection
Will there be a strem/Commentator? My measely, quad core 2.6 Ghz GT330m wouldn't be able to do a decent job spectating and commentating but I could do a voice chat while spectating, it'd be cool. :P  I do watch a fair amount of it and know my way around the mechanics. Just just not very good.

#15 Posted by Chronologist (291 posts) -

Woohoo! :D
I'm in! Chronologist #984.
GL HB duders!

#16 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -
The Jappernaut will be streaming most likely. You'd be welcome to join us in the skype chat to co-commentate.
#17 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

haffy, 498. Looking foward to it and happy to see the stream up again.

#18 Posted by TobbRobb (5254 posts) -
@Moleh:  I'll play you, need some serious practice. About what level of skill are you?
#19 Posted by Chronologist (291 posts) -

I might not be able to make it duders :( 
I'll try to see if it's possible, but if not have fun (and batman), duders. 
If I'm not at the tournament I'll definitely try to hit you guys up later for the fun-games...

#20 Posted by Espio25 (37 posts) -

Im down for some SCII'ness!
Espio - 898

#21 Posted by imsh_pl (3604 posts) -

Bumping the thread so people remember to sign up!

#22 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -
#23 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

Also, if you're interested in co-commentating we can invite you to our Skype-chat. Just add me (Thomas Huij) on Skype, and I'll get you in.

#24 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2026 posts) -

I haven't played in months ... I stand no chance ... but what the hell, I'm in: readme/250

#25 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -

I haven't played since the last tourney :) so you're not the only one.

#26 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

Just added the map pool to the first post in case anyone forgets the maps.

#27 Posted by Budr (11 posts) -

Looking forward to watching the stream :)

#28 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -

We currently have 7 people signed up. Still 30 minutes remaining for sign ups though.

#29 Posted by Niche (89 posts) -

I'll sign up, hopefully I can do a bit better than last time!
FalconJab #143

#30 Posted by Thule (722 posts) -
#31 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2026 posts) -

thanks for the games everyone, got my ass handed to me (as expected) but still was fun :) ... looking forward to the next tournament and the links to the casts :)

#32 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -

Gratz to Shibbxyz! :P it was fun, good night everyone!

#33 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

Gg guys can't wait till next tourny :D 

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Here's the full results:

Supreme Champion:Shibbxyz#936
Worthy Adversary:Thule#725
Maybe Next Time:Jappernaut#984
4th place:Wrex#397
5th place tie:imsh#928
7th place tie:FalconJab#143
9th place:readme#250
Stream is archived on Jappernaut's stream(at the bottom):
Thanks everyone for playing, hope you had fun. Next tournament is gonna be hosted somewhere next month. Keep an on the forums if you're interested. Tournament thread will go up 1-2 weeks before, so you should have plenty of time to sign up.
#35 Posted by TheJappernaut (128 posts) -

Because the stream crashed livestream didn't save the first part of the tourney, so you'll have to make do with replays im afraid. I hope it won't happen next time, maybe I should save the recordings more often :P.


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