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I know most people here are into the competitive side...but I remember when SC2 was coming out there was a promise of a bunch of good community made mods. Anyone know if anything actually came of that?

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User map setting games. All listed and ranked by popularity 

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Oh yes. Don't you remember when giantbomb covered starjewled?

It was bejeweled, but every time you make a match you get points that you can apply to units to fight in a tug of war styled game.

Plenty of other stuff also like StaticFalconar said.

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Smashcraft (search it on YouTube)

And well the 2 best Tower Defense games there are. Elemental TD and Gem TD. They may be just maps, but I highly doubt any stand-alone TD comes even close to those. They even look the best, after all the modders can make use of all those wonderful SC2 models and the engine of course :>

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Starjeweled is great (and I'm undefeated in it, around 30-0).  I remember my buddy played a lot of Nexus Wars, though I always loved the RPG stuff in Brood War.  Haven't really dug into it in this game, though.

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@csl316: Undefeated! ?

I find that hard to believe! lol I'm probably around 50/50

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Yeah there are a bunch of mods including mmos and command and conquer remakes in development. Unfortunately most of these mods are being held back until the official map store opens up sometime in Q1/Q2 of this year. Obviously these have almost become individual games at this point, and not really simply mods, so there might be a price to use them.

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The stronger team color mod is really cool for multiplayer. It's on team liquid if you want it.

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@DG991 said:

@csl316: Undefeated! ?

I find that hard to believe! lol I'm probably around 50/50

Yeah, granted like 25 of those are against a buddy of mine.  I did this during my peak of watching GSL while playing Bejeweled.  It made sense to take my mastery of both and merge them into one thing, lol.
But like anything else Starcraft related, I couldn't bear the thought of losing so I stopped altogether.

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