GSL Finals Reaction and the Joy of E-Sports

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LG IMMvp vs StarTale Squirtle.

I won't ruin the outcome for those who will go check out the Videos on Demand on , but, needless to say, I am blown away.

I just stayed up to watch the most amazing Finals of the highest level tournament in the game, set in a big stadium in South Korea. The GSL Code S Season 2 Finals. It was like some kind of insane Super Bowl tonight, and the games I saw blew my mind. I have watched big SCII tournaments before, but tonight really stood out. I have even seen GSL Finals before, but nothing prepared me for the games I was going to see in this match.

If SCII truly interests you, I can't recommend enough looking into watching professional StarCraft II matches, particularly the GSL. Sure they're late at night for many, but when you catch some big matches, it is worth it in every possible way. Tonight was full of amazing stuff that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I have still got chills over those final games.

Sometimes sports can really be great. And SCII taps into a vein of tension and excitement that simply can't be beat.

What an absolute and utter joy.

How about you guys and gals? What did you think of those games, particularly the one hour long epic? Isn't E-Sports really something special sometimes?

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Probably the best final to date, glad to see the one-sided finals gone, hopefully never to return.

Game 5 was crazy.

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The GSL finals have been on a pretty decent streak lately, hurrah.

I haven't seen these games yet, but Artosis posted a big spoiler on his Facebook/Twitter with the comments spoiling it even more. Sure as hell sounds awesome.

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Man I'd so love to watch the GSL. Just need the money for it.

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Game 5 was, the best game of sc2 ever played... it sucks that it ended with a cheese.. but what ever.. amazing finals

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@baldgye: I thought even that game was tense, there was one point it could have gone either way, though at the same time:

You can't blame MVP for cheesing, he lost the last 3 games spectacularly, Squirtle had momentum and on a more Protoss friendly map, it isn't any wonder really.

And Game 5 was fucking amazing, my heart was thumping, I've never been as invested in any "real" sport than I was at that point, that sort of "Super-late Game" is always awesome to watch.

I have to admit, I was on the fence about buying the next seasons ticket, but as the finals were happening I was like: "Fuck it, here's my money!"

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yeah you can't blame him for doing it, and it was exciting but as a P player watching that was painful

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