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Hey!  I just got Starcraft II a couple weeks ago with no background in real-time strategy games whatsoever.  (I don't know how I've managed to avoid them for so long.)  Basically, I'm having trouble pacing and anticipating the other player's moves.  Are there any good tricks to make these things easier, or do they just come with practice?  Thanks!

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Pacing will come when you understand the flow of matches better, as will anticipation. Scout more and draw 'loose' conclusions from your scouting. The rest is all match experience which will only come with more games played.

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Learn enough to know what each unit is and roughly what it does, then go watch a bunch of pro matches with commentary on youtube.

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@ajamafalous said:

Learn enough to know what each unit is and roughly what it does, then go watch a bunch of pro matches with commentary on youtube.

Definitely this, but also keep an eye out for tricks that can allow you to set your pace and force the other player to react to you, not the other way around.  Anything competitive usually involves one player knowing how to control the flow of the match to their advantage while minimising the need to react to an opposition's pacing and tactics.
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DAy9.TV (specifically the "Newbie Tuesday" episodes 
Liquipedia (a good place to start for new SC2 players) 
TeamLiquid (excellent strategy forum with plenty of guides for beginners)
FInally, and most importantly; play LOTS of Starcraft 2. 
Edit: To be honest, if you're Bronze you don't even need to be concerned about scouting or reading builds. Learn 1 build for each match-up and just A-move into the enemy base. Your macro game is hugely more importantly than micro at lower levels of play (diamond or below)
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Just this: there is NO way to get good at Starcraft other than practice. There are no tricks, cheesy builds or units which can outright secure a victory. You just have to be good at the game.
Links: Sean "Day9" Plott is a god when it comes to teaching Starcraft. He makes everyday videos called the 'Day9 Dailies' which focus on analyzing high level play. He also makes their weekly variation, 'Newbie Tuesdays' which help newer players understand the basics.
How to get into Starcraft II, one of the Newbie Tuesday videos I mentioned.
Team Liquid - the biggest news oriented site when it comes to SC II. Their forums are also helpful for solving specific issues.
Liquipedia - A Starcraft II wiki.

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Don't suck so much dick.

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All the pro's use this simple, but effective, formula; 

ß + ƒ > 0  

(ß representing your total amount of units and ƒ representing your total amount of buildings)  

Apply this consistently throughout your matches and you'll make platinum in no time!
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If you see me on, feel free to hit me up for some games.

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Post some replays of you playing and people will be able to give you alot more practical advice.

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