How to look up other players?

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Hey guys another newb question here. Is there anyway to look up another persons win/loss record/ranking by just searching their name up either in the game or on's website?

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The problem is, you also need their code.   If you have their name and code, just hit the add friend button, add them to your friends list, then look them up from there.
However, there are ways around it.  If you play a game against them, you can very easily look it up by simply going to your match history, clicking on the game, then clicking on their name and hitting "View profile" 
If you never played against them...  it's trickier.  You need to search their name somewhere (I use and try to figure out which account is theirs.  If it's a really common name, like bob, there might be hundreds of them.  If it's something relatively unique though, there should only be one or two.

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