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It's finishing up soon and I've only been popping in here and there, but saw some pretty cool games. Nestea/Alive was pretty sweet, and it's nice to see Squirtle getting somewhere.

First time I'm checking out an IPL, and it seems kinda cool. Not the usual MLG casters, but I guess it's nice to mix it up a little.

Also, the vehicle of esports.

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Holy fuck this is so tense right now...

It's 8oclock in the morning here and I've been watching it for like 11hours now but I cannot stop.

Squirtle had like one of the most epic runs through that tournament one could possibly have:

2-0 Demonlord

2-1 ToD

2-1 Byun

2-1 SaSe

2-0 AcE

2-0 PuMa

2-1 MC

2-1 Creator

2-0 Bomber

2-0 MKP

2-0 MMA

3-2 NesTea

?-? aLive

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missed the finals... its good to see so many koreans out side of korea.. shame to see them still dominate

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@raiz265: Yeah, when you look at that list it's pretty unbelievable. Squirtle's had some good games here and there, such as that one in the GSTL on Terminus way back, but I don't recall hearing much about him lately. Granted, it's been ages since I followed the GSL closely.

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did you starcraft guys get as much 'Bubble Pop' as the league stream did? wondering if that was an ipl wide thang.

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@Freshbandito: Not when I watched later in the night. I recall seeing some on League before switching to SC, where my experience was pop free . But I did get to watch 30 minutes of a sign-judging contest when one of the games broke down.

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They need stop switching the video to show the crowd or players face during the game. Was ridiculous.

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@Freshbandito said:

did you starcraft guys get as much 'Bubble Pop' as the league stream did? wondering if that was an ipl wide thang.

The K-Pop?

Probably come from IPL working together with GomTV so closely this event... They used their music all weekend long, might be because they had the licenses and stuff already...

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yeah one of the women hosting liked the bubble pop song that was part of all the k-pop so it got played everytime they had 3 mins to fill between ads and games over on the league stream. what said sounds like the best explanation for the assault that was more minutes of k-pop than gameplay.

That sounds equally as bad though e-sports streams are always so rough, some of these tournaments are $5,000,000 stake events you'd think they'd step up their production team's game a bit more.

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@Freshbandito: The thing is, K-Pop is pretty popular among the SC2 Community, at least among the Teamliquid people (dunno about /r/starcraft)... Since Korea pretty much was the center of Starcraft for the last 10 years.

And from what I've heard LoL is getting fucking HUGE there now too atm.

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@raiz265: Yeah nothing against the k-pop itself, it just felt like they showed more of that than of the actual games and team interviews. That being said cringing through some of the interviews with members from some of the teams shows that maybe they shouldn't have incredibly attractive women cornering professional gamers with a microphone... The whole scene is getting bigger but I think the production work behind the streams needs a bit more work, hopefully it'll get there soon as each tournament seems to improve on the last.

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Thks, but they don´t have all the games. I wish they have the open bracket games VODs, for other casts pick-up games, like the ones with Scarlett beating pro-players.

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