July 20 Friday Night Livestream Tournament With $10 Steam Raffle

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 Back for a third consecutive week with another $10 steam raffle that all participants are eligible to win. Just in time for the steam summer sale wrap up. Livestream below for those who wish to watch.

 Get some.

WHAT: A king of the hill tournament is a simple winner stays style where you play an opponent 1v1 and if you win you play another person. A friend and I will be casting and streaming the matches. 

WHEN:  Friday July 20th starting at 9:00pm EST. Late comers welcome there isn't a deadline to "signup." We will play for several hours or until I run out of players, so don't be afraid to check in late if you can't make it right at 9:00pm.
WHO CAN PLAY: Anyone is welcome to play, I won't be filtering out players in low leagues, though you can expect that if higher level players emerge it will be very difficult to beat them if you are a low league. You're still welcome to play and you'd probably enjoy watching on the stream. 
WHERE: North America server-Head to the channel 'giantbomb' in SC2 around 9:00pm EST or when you are ready to play. I (moztacular) will be there so send me a message that you want to play. I will add you to the first come first serve list of players. 
THE PRIZE: A $10.00 steam purchase will be raffled off at the end of the night. If you play a match you are eligible for the prize. You do not have to win or be present at the time of the drawing, but you must play at least one match to be eligible for the raffle. If there are not enough players to warrant an effective king of the hill tournament I reserve the right to keep the $10 steam purchase for a later date when we have more players.Thank you.
THE STREAM (it will go live at the time of the tournament): Below you will find the stream where myself and Pilot will co-cast the games. We do our best, thank you.    
Hope to see you on starcraft soon,
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I'll be there. Might not be as many people as last week if The Dark Knight Rises has any impact.

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@FluxWaveZ: haha yes i know, I'm going to the marathon tonight! All 3 movies with Rises at midnight...long night incoming! ;p
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$10 Steam raffle? That's like 30 games!

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I will be there and probable going to get my ass kicked.

Are you going to play slinder afterwards again?

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I've been wanting to learn how to play this game more effectively, so I'll jump in.

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@Moztacular said:

@FluxWaveZ: haha yes i know, I'm going to the marathon tonight! All 3 movies with Rises at midnight...long night incoming! ;p

Oh god, you actually did that? I was invited but I don't think I'm a bad enough dude for an 8 hour movie trip.

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I'll be there again

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I won't be able to make it I got batman to go see!

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A bump and also please post if you think you will be coming; many people are going to see batman so it's possible we won't have enough players to justify the $10 raffle and so on. I'll make the call at 9:00pm EST based on the number of folks in the 'giantbomb' starcraft 2 channel. If you plan on playing please make sure you are in that channel so I can make an accurate judgement call, thanks! As of right now 6:15pm EST I am still ready to stream so stay tuned.

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I'll be coming.

#12 Posted by TruthTellah (9651 posts) -

Computer problems mean I can't play tonight, but I am still looking forward to being able to watch a bit. Hopefully it can work out! :)

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How long till it starts? It's 1.40am not sure how much longer I can stay up, but I'd like to play.

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stream live in about 15 minutes, may start it earlier with music. We have a decent number of players in the channel already so i think we'll go ahead and play some matches. Tune in on the OP, the stream will go live as soon as i turn it on should be no need to refresh. If you want a chance for 10 steam bucks come play.

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