KeSPA Players at MLG Anaheim

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if they play like they did at the SL a few weeks ago, it will be a shocking selection of games.

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I don't expect them to be top level yet, but this is exciting stuff. Can't wait to see them stateside.

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did anyone here watch there starleague sc2 games?

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Hey, it's slowly happening. SotG had a pretty cool discussion on the transition for these guys this week. Main point being, have realistic expectations. There's no way they'll be instantly amazing, but eventually they will be.

Either way, should be fun to watch.

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The question is, where is FireBatHero, and will he be dancing?

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FYI: Flash is back. And he does not share victory

#8 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5029 posts) -

I missed the final :( Curse being in England, the show ran from like 6PM to 9AM or something crazy. I'm sad.

Was cool to see them play though, I didn't fall asleep until the semi finals, doh! They seemed to be a lot more micro-focused.

#9 Posted by baldgye (771 posts) -

@Fallen189 said:

FYI: Flash is back. And he does not share victory

Masters lvl Koreans BEWARE!

#10 Posted by Spectreman (269 posts) -

In the end was not a very high level SC2 games. Especially Protoss and Zerg players have a lot to evolve. djWheat was annoying talking all the time "look at this amazing micro bla bla bla" when was pretty much at level of other SC2 players.

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Yeah, but they've played a fraction of the time.

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