Looking for 1-2 duders to join me and a friend in some 3v3/4v4

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Me and a friend are looking for 1-2 more duders to do some 3v3/4v4 ass kicking, we aren't pros but we get it done, i own a vent and just looking for 1-2 laid back players looking to have fun and kick some ass. We play pretty much every night and a bunch on saturday/sunday. I am also on during most weekdays during the day between 4pm-up

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I can't play tonight, but I will probably be on this week/weekend , so maybe tomorrow?

My ID is Mauveforest #990. Add me, and msg in game when your on. Also, what time zone are you in? So I know what 4pm-up is for me !

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US or EU?

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When i log in a bit ill reply my #, totally forgot about it.

I am EST, we usually play together weekdays (except tuesdays) between 4-5pm up on and off till 10pm, hes usually off and on all day saturday/sunday, i am on whenever im not working and peeps wanna play, usually anytime afternoon up till 10-12pm est since i work nights. You can also hit me up on X-Fire at Styl3s cause a lot of the time im game but not on SC2 because i usually just play with him, or in my vent.

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Do we play league games or what league? we play team league, once i finish watching sons im gonna log in and get my ID

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Alright man count me in.

Send an invite to AlwaysBeWaiting, I'll be right there.

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@Styl3s said:

@baldgye said:


Do we play league games or what league? we play team league, once i finish watching sons im gonna log in and get my ID

I was asking what league your in for 1v1.... so i have some idea of what lvl you guys are at is all
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Sorry a bunch of family stuff came up.

Name: Brandon

Code: 2700

As for my league, i am platinum 1v1 on this account and only because it's my 2v2/3v3/4v4 account but i am platinum on my serious account as well, i don't 1v1 that much because i enjoy team games more.

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fair enough, well I'm down for most kinds of team shit on NA and EU

my acc details are in the stickied thread holla at me

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