Looking for some duders!

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about getting back into SC2 multiplayer in time for HotS. I played it a fair bit about a year ago and was silver ish but not really that committed cos none of my friends played it. So if any duders are interested in playing some practice matches to get back up to scratch, some 2v2s or anything else it'd be cool to play. I'll need to log into battle.net cos I can't remember my battle tag! Also I'm playing in the EU so I'm not sure how that affects people from other territories.

Let me know if you are interested!

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i play a bunch of hots atm team games and solo 1v1 am plat in hots and wol not sure what my bnet stuff is to add me so just pm me if u care

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I'm late but I'll play with you as well. Have both HoTS and WoL, and I'm gold league. PM me if you want to play

#4 Posted by gerp (244 posts) -

Also late only have WoL as well as im not very, but would love to play with some duders.

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