Need help with Campaign?!?! O_o

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So, I've been cleaning up campaign achievements in my spare time, but encountered only one seriously annoying achievement up until this point:
It is Media Blitz's Blitzkrieg achievement, to do the mission on Hard in under 20 minutes.
I've followed countless guides, but can't seem to crack it; my closest attempt was 31 seconds short.
I am a Silver League Zerg, with approximately 40-60apm. Does anyone have an easily replicable strategy that can work for a useless low-apm-er like me?

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I'm no scientist, but I'd recommend making more marines. 
Seriously though, I've barely even touched the campaign, let alone on hard.

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@supermike6 said:

I'm no scientist, but I'd recommend making more marines.  Seriously though, I've barely even touched the campaign, let alone on hard.

It's actually pretty fun (and easy if you know RTS basics), but the achievements are just ridiculously difficult.
If it helps your analysis, the enemy is basically going very mech-heavy with siege tanks, ravens, goliaths and banshees.
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Seems like you nearly got it, 31 seconds short isn't that much to shave off your time.

At the start of the mission, start with one of the bases closest to where your base will be when the timer expires(The east and north-west bases) and move north to the north-northeast base. That way you can start attacking the other base when the timer expires and you won't have to walk a huge distance to kill some buildings at the other side of the map.

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Aaand I just got it with considerably less effort thanks to some bloke on GameFAQs ( D: ?)...
Took Odin and killed the factories and tanks of the northeast base, then the northwest base's 4 starports. Previously, I'd taken out the factory base, then the top mineral gathering zone for the dominion. Mistakes abound.
Sent two SCVs to repair Odin, 3 on minerals, 2 on gas, while a-moving it and the free Thor to the northwest. Immediately queued Thor in factory, then fully queued SCVs in orbital command. Rallied factory to Odin and put out another more Thors. Brought 4 SCVs , then just a-moved to point. Barraged any large mech forces. SCVs died in seconds, replaced with MULEs. A-moved to base two, barraged everything. One Thor died, replaced while capping. Invaded third base, a-moving to tower. Sent 4 more SCVs to Odin and scanned high ground to kill reapers. Pumped out Thors with remaining minerals, all die while capping. Odin finishes the cap with <50HP remaining.
Holy hell, I got lucky, but my time was good: 16:41.

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i think the secret level is in that mission, if i recall correctly

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@Zolfe said:
i think the secret level is in that mission, if i recall correctly
Yes, it is. I'm playing on a post-campaign save anyway, from the archives. Bonus objectives are not necessary for these achievements; merely just win.
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I had a lot of trouble with that achievement as well, I think I just used thors in my main army and I made basically 2 armies in order to take 2 of those points at the same time. 1 army had the odin with some scvs to repair(maybe some other units as well, can't really remember) and the other army was mostly thors. I had to do this mission about 10 times before I eventually got it.

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