Patch 13 3v3 and 4v4 are in!

#1 Posted by Galbrezu (126 posts) -

New patch has gone live, 3v3 and 4v4 are finally in which has me really excited. Wish i had more then a week to play the maps though :\. Oh well, long weekend this weekend so I'll have all Monday to play as well :D

#2 Posted by Rayeth (1031 posts) -

Some really head scratching changes in this one.  The Ultralisk "buff" was actually an infestor change to give a spell to buff a unit's damage.  Ok, I guess.  Still not sure that Ultras will be viable on the front lines given how much you need to invest to make them.  Maybe useful as a nydus attack or dropped unit for harasses.   ZvP will probably get them just to tryt and break force fields.  T gets cheaper stim and combat shield?  Was this really needed?  Buffing the MAIN T strategy will allow them to push earlier and harder, I just can't agree that they needed help there.  
The Force Field change is probably worthy of its own thread, but I would say it's still not that big of a deal.  Thors in the front will get smashed, ditto to ultras,  maybe this will make the PvP match better? I dunno.  Will need to see how this one works out.

#3 Posted by Wunder_ (1169 posts) -
@Rayeth:  The buff to ultras as Zerg's anti-armor unit is a pretty decent one, seeing as it itself is armored... Right? I can't remember >< Which means you'd need armored units like marauders to deal extra damage to 'em, or get air I suppose. The main buff I see is through the Overseer abilities and the amount of harass these guys will provide now... Forget to missile turret or cannon your min line? INFESTED TERRAN TO THE FACE. Alright, it won't wreck your economy like a doom drop, but it's annoying to say the least! 
Forcefield nerf is kinda good I suppose, as I could see some very, VERY overpowering plays in nicely placed fields in some maps (Kulas >_>) to essentially split the army in half, even in late game. Lastly, I don't know why Terran Inf got a boost, we finally get to see more shifts to mech play and Blizz boosts M&M again. Oh well! I really think Terran are pretty superior right now in a lot of cases with the proper micro and game sense. Really the only way to win against a T is to outmacro his defensiveness or catch him out of position (Which is also common!) 
3v3 and 4v4 Leagues will be badass. My friends and I have a 6 pool 24 zergling rush for our 4v4 Diamond League! Or maybe a nice combo or 2gate,6pool,8rax? Mmmm... I love cheese.
#4 Posted by Donos (1194 posts) -

Running down the list.......... hmm. 
Protoss changes all look good, the range decrease will make Void Rays easier to counter, and breakable force fields give the Ultralisk a purpose.
Zerg changes... I dunno. Infested Terrans on overseer looks good for harassment, but Frenzy on the Infestor looks approximately useless, except for the specific case of helping Ultralisks bust through force fields.
Terran changes, I fully approve of decreasing the cost of combat shield, since it's so underused. The Stim Pack buff seems unneccessary though, and I see no way the Marauder can escape a stat buff now. I'm a Terran player, and even I'll admit it's OP.
Oh and 3v3/4v4... FREAKING AWESOME. 'cept I'm out of town away from my desktop for the weekend. Still epic ling rushes are imminent, and I can't wait to see a legit worker rush. How fast can 20 SCVs tear down a Hatchery?

#5 Posted by rhodric (281 posts) -

I don't get it...zerg's main problem right now is terran mech. while giving the ultra +10 extra damage vs tanks is nice, it's also taking away 10 damage vs marines and hellions AND 150 hp. doesn't seem like a good trade off.
taking into account the overseer buff, terran's will most likely get some vikings to counter late game, which counters the broodlord vs mech strat. again, blizzard didn't think this through.

#6 Posted by Donos (1194 posts) -
@rhodric:  To be fair, the Infestor's new Frenzy ability as well as the Force Field nerf are basically indirect Ultralisk buffs, plus the Ultralisk got a damage buff vs buildings.  I think these changes just give the Ultralisk a new combat role, changing it from general combat into a choke buster. Now it can bust through both force fields, stun effects, and building chokes, deal heavy AoE damage against the (probably) armored units forming the line of defense, and still tank enough damage to let the rest of a swarm get through the now broken defenses and start shooting.  I guess  it might need to get those 150 hitpoints back to serve this role properly, but we'll see.
Basically, the Ultralisk might not be as good in general combat, but at least now it has a defined purpose that wouldn't be better filled by some Hydras.
#7 Posted by Wunder_ (1169 posts) -
@Donos: -Orb- and Shiver just did a 2v2 Live Stream where a mass infestor, mass ultra and queen force smashed through a Stalker Muta army... Frenzy owns!
#8 Posted by rhodric (281 posts) -
@Donos: like i said, terran mech is the main problem. end game zerg can't go up against mech, period. ultras melt to tanks pre-patch. they need survivability, not damage. damage doesn't help you when your army dies before reaching their front lines.
pre-patch the only 3 viable strats against end game mech were broodlords, burrowed roaches, or ultras tanking (which is arguably the worst out of the 3). Now, none of the strats will likely work.
broodlords and roaches are countered by ravens, since terrans will most likely get starports to counter overseers anyway. ultras are also no longer the meat shields they were before, so that's out of the picture too. now the only viable ZvT strat is to end the game early. if you can't stop T expos, the game is lost.
if frenzy was a 20% speed buff, it would help a whole lot more imo.
#9 Posted by ZeroRegistry (75 posts) -

Out of curiosity, is anyone getting incredibly frequent lag spikes in 3 v 3 matches? 
It's been happening in virtually every game I played since this patch dropped.

#10 Posted by PhaggyBigNastyMcKill (564 posts) -

Isn't this beta ending in a week or so, why have such a late patch? 

#11 Posted by Wunder_ (1169 posts) -
@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill: It's ending on the 31st, yes, but there will still be tweaks and changes throughout and also after they close the beta, for which they'll open and release about a couple weeks prior to July 27th. So there's still time for play testing!

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