Protoss FE builds?

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I was wondering if any of you guys here knew some good fast expand builds against any of the races. I've been using a 2 gate robo opening so far, but I don't really have a consistent build and I feel like the robo loses me some games when my oponnent is agressive early.
I'm 5th in my gold division, and I consider my macro to be pretty good (not fogetting pylons, constant probe production - I sometimes even make too much of them, lol), but I'd like to try out some FE builds to see how they fit my playstyle. I can't seem to find many good ones 
on the internetz, and the protoss macro daily is great but I'd like to have some more insight if possible.
I'm particularly interested in some pretty early FEs, I'd even go as far as to say that forge before gate+wall in interests me the most.
Any help would be mucho appreciated.

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I would say on maps that have easier naturals to defend, like jungle basin and scrap station, a 1 gate FE can defend. On other maps I've seen and done a forge FE and put cannons by the natural and ramp.
thats my advice ^_^

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When Shakuras was still in the map pool I used to do a Pylon Nexus build vs Zerg because of how long the distance was, that might work on far positions on Delta. Besides that I would say go Forge first, its the safest as you can put up the 3 cannons at your natural. GLHB

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13/15/17 Nexus or 1 gate sentry FE v. Z 
1 Gate FE vs. T 
As for Protoss, well either of the above can work but neither are particularly safe.

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i usually go FE on xelnaga caverns. you can drop down the forge at your natural close to the ramp, threaten and close the gap with 1-2 cannons.
if your enemy breaks through, get some of your workers ready - but at this point you should have completed your 1st gate.
my tip: just experiment, you WILL nail your own build eventually! :)

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I'm not sure on the exact build but the one that works against me the best as Zerg is 3 gate expand with about 5 or 6 sentries. The sentries are pretty low on the minerals so it lets you get the expansion up quicker and safer. I think the best follow up to it is probaly to add on 3 gates after as well because teching might leave you weak at times.

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2 Gate Robo is kinda bad unless you've got a specific plan for it. I recommend you hold off on the Robo until you can actually support it. Yes, you'd have to sacrifice an early observer, but you'lll get more Gatewa units out of it. Instead you should research Hallucination early and use hallucinated Phoenix to scout, they're alot faster than observers and will see almost everything.
Haffy's recommendation is a good one, I think. 3 Gate expand is a good build. Your tech will be a little later, but once you've got it running, you should be able to pump alot of high tech units to complement your big Gateway force. 
And yes, alot of sentries are a must. Both against Terran as well as Zerg. You can bisect Terran's army and take his half his army out of the fight. Forcefields are also essential to stopping Zerg from applying too much pressure on your expansion. Use them to give lings a small surface area to attack and block off their retreat. Zergs don't like to lose many lings, because they'd rather spend their larvae on drones. Against Roaches you need to apply the same tactics as against Terran, bisect the army and wear him down.   
Once your expansion is up you can add Robo's and Immortal/Colossi depending on what your opponent is doing. If you see Zerg going Roach heavy, add Immortals, if you see Hydra's add Colossi.

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