SC 2 Guest Pass Contest - Tonight Only

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Ok so i have (2) 7 hour guest passes to give away for Starcraft 2 and instead of just posting the codes, i thought i would make it more interesting. Open up your MS paint program or program of your choice and draw me a SC 2 related picture. You don't have to be a good artist as long it's on topic and makes us laugh. Post your masterpiece or monstrosity here and over the next  3 hrs (just before midnight EST) and i will pick 2 winners and pm your codes. 
Bonus Prize: since these are NA codes, i have a 3rd code to give away for a free copy of Shatter on steam, so if your a GB user from another region or someone who has SC2 and wants to get in on the contest, post your drawing and specify that it's for the Shatter code, actually everyone who posts an entry, post your code preference to make it easy. 
Good Luck guys and let's have some fun. Ready, Fight!
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Man I was all excited until you told me to do something for the codes.... 
Oh well! Can't wait to see what you other crazy people produce!

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 I swear I'm 30 years old. I have never been good at art, and will never claim to be. This should show how badly I want to play this game. XD
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lol, you nailed what i was looking for, it reminds me of the drawings in the back of Highlights magazine when we were kids. AlienOne wins a code, 1 down...and a half hour til i close this thing, anyone else?
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lol, thanks! My complete and utter drawing embarrassment paid off! The more I kept adding to it, the worst it got....lmao
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What do you think?
#7 Posted by ComradeKritstov (693 posts) -

My attempt... lol

#8 Posted by harris (848 posts) -
  I am not a good artist T_T
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 This is Jimmy
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ok last SC 2 code goes to Jelekeloy strictly for the fact that you included "construct pylons", when i played the original SC, Protoss was the race i played online and i was haunted by the "must construct more pylons" line. 
i wish i had more guest passes to give out to the other 2 guys, because your all winners for even attempting to draw something "this is Jimmy" cracked me up too, good job (comradekristov, PM me if you want a code for Shatter on Steam)
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 It's what I expect to happen in multiplayer
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BITCH try and top that.
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I'm uploading it right now!
Ran out of time, but here it is anyway:

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LOL LOL LOL,  that is fucking hillarious, too bad you didn't upload it earlier :(
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@evildeadron said:
" @1337W422102:  LOL LOL LOL,  that is fucking hillarious, too bad you didn't upload it earlier :( "
I found out about this thread at 11:45 and I spent too much time drawing Kerrigan.  Ah well...  Glad you like it, though!
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comrade already has Shatter on Steam, so if you want the game send me a pm
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Took me a sec but I hope ya like it
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@evildeadron said:
" @1337W422102:  comrade already has Shatter on Steam, so if you want the game send me a pm "
Thanks, I'll do that right now!
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ok im out of codes, but great job to everyone for the laughs, keep posting artwork and if anyone picks up the game and has some extra codes, maybe pass some along to the artist of your choice 

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