Site for watching professional starcraft 2 pro vods

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Hey guys. Santah from here.
SC2Casts is pretty huge on TeamLiquid and /r/starcraft (on reddit), but I noticed it never actually reached giantbomb, so if I may be so bold as to present you with it?
The site is a unique place, where thousands upon thousands of starcraft 2 pro games/vods are manually gathered from different sources, and presented in a simple and functional manner.
The content is being updated daily, and only the best casts actually make it in there, so that someone already filtered the tons of crap there are out there for you :). You can check out the TOP section, where our users ranked the best vods on the site, so there's some amazing stuff there you can check out right away, knowing it's gonna be amazing. 

It's the best and biggest of it's kind. It offers apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, so you can always bring Starcraft 2 with you :) (more about the apps here:
That's pretty much it. Check it out  at and make sure you give me some feedback in here. It always helps. Cheers !

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I heard em mention it on the last State of the Game.  Downloaded the Android app and it's pretty sweet.  Though the GSL started again and I'm pretty much set on watching matches for the next few weeks.

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