Starcraft 2 friends/practice partners

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I'm a level-10(ish) silver league player. I play SCII regularly and, while I'm by no means an expert, I ain't no newb either. I'm growing tired of just going on the ladder, losing some matches and then winning some matches but not really moving up the ladder any. I have an empty friends list and was looking to get some GB people on there so I'm not always just going on the ladder. Feel free to add me as a friend on SCII, or perhaps direct me to a forum where I can find them. Cheers!

My character name is: Arjuna

My character code is : 458

I live in Ontario, Canada.

#2 Posted by Rokkaku (222 posts) -

Ah shame, I'm in exactly the same position, silver as well, but on the EU server :(

#3 Posted by baldgye (756 posts) -

join the GB channel for both EU and NA players, there is usually someone in there...

#4 Posted by DG991 (1344 posts) -

For the next couple of days I can help with basics if you join the giantbomb channel. I am no expert, but I believe I can help with people who are stuck in silver and gold leagues at the least.

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