[Stream]2v2 "Bronze" BALLERS

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in about 2hrs (3pm GMT) gone be streaming some BRONZE level baller sc2 team action http://www.twitch.tv/jam00dle

tune in for nonsense REAL BUILDS and brittish accents only for fun bronze nonsense ^^^

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@Alexandru said:



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Bronze League is best league

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2v2/3v3 up to diamond: Spam Stalkers, victory

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about to start

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GL. Bit jealous you got into HOTS lol.

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cheers to those who showed up, was alot of fun and silly builds where had... and i dont think we lost any of the games in the 4hr's we streamed :D

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2v2/3v3 up to diamond: Spam Stalkers, victory

thanks for the advice but on our 'try hard' acc's we are masters team... being 'good' at team games is boring and easy as fuck.. so instead we do shit to see if it would work.. we tried both going only sentries vs two other protoss's and won with ease... we tried buidling 4 bases each before building an army and won... we played a game where my team mate who was Z built an enemy protoss army before we killed them etc etc

...and ofc some silly silly hots action

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