This guy has no hands, yet he plays starcraft 2 well.

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This is absolutely amazing. Anyone can appreciate this. He starts playing around 14 minutes and even though he seems a little nervous he is playing very well.

edit: Fail first link... HAHAHHAA

#2 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

Now that's an achievement!

#3 Posted by Ghostiet (5703 posts) -

Dude does a better job than I would ever do.

#4 Posted by falling_fast (2601 posts) -

pretty awesome.

#5 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

That's crazy.

#6 Posted by Dave_442 (53 posts) -

Awesome, reminded me of this guy:

Loading Video...
#7 Posted by tunaburn (2016 posts) -

@Dave_442: both these videos and stories are impressive but this one is more.

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