Trying to get back into multiplayer, want a buddy to play with.

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*This is on the European server*
I want to start playing SC 2 again and I thought it would be more fun if I had some real persons to play with. I'm a former gold level player.
It would be best if you have a headset and speaks English. I'm Swedish so Swedish also works but I'm going to fly to the USA next year so I'd like to practise my English.
My character code is 406.

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Hell, I bought that and never played a single multiplayer game. I was too afraid of losing. I'm a deep Warcraft-fan, so it didn't stick with me the same way that Warcraft did.

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Ahh add me Ineedaname #991

Busy for the next 2 weeks with coursework submissions but following that I plan on playing.

A lot.

I also love Swedes.

The vegetable

And the people.

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You can add me.



I understand Swedish.

I speak Norwegian and English.

I am gold level player, trying to get in platinum. I play Zerg, but I can play protoss for practice purposes, but I am a terrible terran.

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Was a silver player before I took a break, but I have no idea where I am now.

Swedish here.



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I'm PyroCat.136

I'm in Platinum, I've just gotten back into SCII after a few months' break. Feel free to add me!

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Damn, I'd definitely add you but I'm on NA server :/. I suffered the same problem as you near the middle of season 1 after hitting platinum, but I'm trying to get back into the game. I wish you luck sir!

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