Turtling Terrans (as zerg)

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OK, so I just played probably the worst game of my life. It was an hour long, in which I kept the Terran opponent on two bases the entire game, took 7 bases and managed to lose. Note that I'm in bronze, so please don't be too harsh on me.

I started off going ling/baneling, and saw that he was going tanks, so I went to mutas. I went into his base and found an INHUMANE amount of missile turrets. I'm talking at least 25. Throughout the game he continued to make them everywhere...probably had at least 100 (!!!) by the end of the game. I decide to just deny his expansions and keep him on two bases, eventually mining him out and winning the game. Turns out he spent all of his money on mass (cloaked) banshees and vikings, took out my corruptor/ling/bane army swiftly...ended up not having enough to build another base, with no army, no minerals to mine and at least a hundred larva.

Of course this is an extreme case. This guy will likely never leave the bronze league. But how do I deal with turtling Terrans when mutas just aren't an option? Should I have switched to roaches? I want to be able to end a game within an hour, at least...

Again, I'm in bronze, so go easy and basic, thanks. Also tell me if I'm being too vague.

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Scouting those air units before they came and destroyed your bases probably would have been a good thing (using Overseer, early Overlord to his base, speedling scout or whatever). See a lot of starports with tech labs? Prepare for flying crap. With that knowledge, spores and queens and corruptors (I guess) would have done a good job of defending your bases, especially with all of his static defenses (less money for army). By doing that and continuing to deny him expanding, you should have teched to a whole bunch of broodlords and corruptors. Missile turrets are useless against brood lords and, with superior macro, the number of corruptors you would have would be more than enough to take care of the banshees and vikings.

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Yeah, you're right. Defense of bases is definitely something to work on -- I'll move it up in priority. Also I was blind for most of the game so that makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

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@Skillface said:

Also I was blind for most of the game so that makes a lot of sense.

If you're gonna play Zerg, this is not something that should ever, ever happen. You need to have vision of what's going on around you; you need to know what's coming so you can react appropriately.

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Honestly if your still in bronze league, I wouldn't worry about countering this stuff right now and just keep working on mechanics. ( Macro, hotkeys, etc) Because if you just have way more stuffy It won't really matter if he counters it, plus if you were on 7 bases you probably should have been maxed out for a long long long time and attacked way earlier and even if you took way more losses, you had a far stronger economy to quickly macro up again.

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What Skytylz said. If he was on 2 bases and you had 7 bases you should have been able to max out dozens of times before he hit with his attack. So the problem is either you're sitting on your ass with your army or you aren't macroing well enough. If you're maxed, attack. Every second you wait is another second he has to catch up. You made the right choice in taking the expos when he turtled, but you have to switch into an aggressive mode eventually. Doesn't matter if he's turtled as hell because you're zerg. You should be able to remax before he can punish you if you have that big of a base lead. Keeping the pressure on him every time you're maxed will wear his resources and army down faster, and since he's in bronze defending attacks will probably mess up his macro.

Really I wouldn't overthink these epic long bronze games though. When I was bronze I just left games when they hit this kind of ridiculousness because I knew that I was already past the point of learning from the match. At this league you're both making so many fundamental mistakes that it's not as simple as just saying build corrupters and brood lords. If you're in a game this long then many things went wrong in the first 15 minutes or so. At bronze league you should be able to end most games in at least 8-15 minutes with good macro and basic timing attacks. At this level in the game you need to make sure you're hitting all of your injects, not getting supply blocked, droning properly, and spending your money. That will win you games no matter what strategy you use. Don't worry about anything more than that until you hit platinum.

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if he has that many turrets, roach him early and often. don't let him tech up.

You had multiple bases outspend him and just keep pumping units

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If you had 3 fully saturated bases mining you should have just been able to throw wave after wave at him. Or just suicide your first wave into him, build a bunch of spinecrawlers to delay his counterattack and then max out on broodlord/infestor.

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In these scenarios, getting broodlords and corruptors is a good choice. Brood lords have massive range that outranges turrets. This means you can sit your broodlords outside his base and let them constantly chip away at his base. This way every missle turret he builds is wasted resources for him. You Will need some corruptors to help fend off any vikings though.

Probably the biggest tip I can give a new zerg player, is avoid the temptation to build mutas. They are expensive units that require a lot of skill to really be cost effective.

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You're in Bronze League.  Don't worry about fancy schmancy stuff like unit compositions.  Get good at always always making overlords, always injecting larva, and always making units.  When you have those basics down, then you can move onto more strategic stuff.  You can in fact easily coast off into Gold Division by always producing units, and just grouping and attack moving them into the general direction of the enemy due to simply having more stuff.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

@Skillface said:

Also I was blind for most of the game so that makes a lot of sense.

If you're gonna play Zerg, this is not something that should ever, ever happen. You need to have vision of what's going on around you; you need to know what's coming so you can react appropriately.

quick rally all the overlords to the middle of my main!

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