Video Blog: Playing Through StarCraft II

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need more videoblogs on this site!
edit: alt-tab seems to crash more games these days then I remember, bad devs!

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Pretty excited to play this.

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NOO I wanted first 
edit: Yes more videologs.
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Damn Brad, working hard!

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I'm gonna watch this after Cobra. 

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Brad! Definitely do more follow up blogs this could be the start of something great!

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@Colin said:
" NOO I wanted first "
Shut your ass.
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Ok this is win. Thanks, Brad!
Yeah, that's my way of saying that I approve of these video blogs. Was a huge fan of Jeff's "Points" back before GB was founded.
With that said, I have a question. What's your opinion on the use of the "hero characters" in this game? In Warcraft 3 you had the rpg element of them leveling up and getting some minor gear. In Starcraft 2 they make minor, if any appearances (Tychus' Thor-related missions being one of the more awesome ones). Could they have been used more often?

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I like the BioShock artwork you have there.

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starcraft 2 fever
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Nice, the "actually eight" thing was a good touch.

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Unfomfortably close to the camera.

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YES i will subscribe to your Channel Brad....Oh Wait.

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WarCraft 3, rare complaint but the campaign was way too long for me. 
i enabled god mode just to see the end, wore me out.

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I really like the idea of vblogs on this site! 

Even more so on new games, prolonged games, or even mmo's. 

I feel like vlogs are a solid idea. 

Also, good watch Brad. 

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Great concept.  I'm into it!

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I love you Brad

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He asked "Hey, what's going on?" in the first few seconds of the video. 
Should I send a PM?

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Can anyone give me a heads up on how far into the campaign this spoils? Don't know whether to watch it if I'm not very far but planning to play it.

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@OllyOxenFree said:
" @Colin said:
" NOO I wanted first "
Shut your ass. "

Only if your face is also shut.
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@PhatSeeJay said:
" Ok this is win. Thanks, Brad! "
Love your avatar :D  Looks just like mine!
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Well this is new. and cool.

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Brad needs a shave.

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Video blogs Brad? Come on your better than that.

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Good stuff dude. The two major gripes most people seem to have is the lack of LAN support and the fact that it's only Terran. How heavily does that weight in your mind?
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Is this game easy to get into for someone who hasn't played any RTS's in the past, and would it be enjoyable?

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Brad's Bioshock poster is pretty fantastic. Oh, how I envy his life.
Also, is he wearing lipstick?

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That was great Brad. I was wondering what you thought of the game so far. Have you played around with the map editor,I heard you can import Warcraft 3 and original SC maps?

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I feel you Brad, I got dropped 2 minutes into one of my placement matches.

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Very nice work Mr Shoemaker, but you need more burger review if you're going to compete in the dog-eat-dog-and-occasionally-a-burger world of vidya bloggin'.

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This is so youtube ^^ What's next? Brad's going to do a California on Starcraft 2 video? =P

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great video brad

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I could stare at Brad's face all day. 

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I think several thousand people just shat themselves.

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It needs more jump cuts but overall, great video brad!

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Well he seems like a nice young man

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I can't stand how often Brad says "umm..." and "like" in every video.  Please stop it. This is the only website I check for game info, simply because it's the best, and it really hurts the quality of the product you guys are putting out there.

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My main question is does StarCraft II seem inviting to new players? I never played the first game and the extent of my experience with straight-up RTS games is just Company of Heroes (which I liked). Basically I'd like to experience a nice gradual learning curve with the single player campaign if I were to play it.

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Follow up video! Follow up video!

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I want that Bioshock poster.

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Thanks Brad.

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great idea! would love to see more of these.

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yo brad, are the usb keys unique?
mine has 314501 on it, but when i looked on the back of the box, the one on there had a completely different number.
what number do you got?
kinda wish i got 666666

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I checked into the facebook feature. I think it's just friends who are on And not necessarily on StarCraft II
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So Warcraft 3 doesn't count as a Blizzard RTS?
@Wonksaggin said:

" I can't stand how often Brad says "umm..." and "like" in every video.  Please stop it. This is the only website I check for game info, simply because it's the best, and it really hurts the quality of the product you guys are putting out there. "

People adopt such expletives as a means to combat rude people talking over them before they're finished saying what they have to. But once you have it it's like... a really hard umm... thing to fix.
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I definitely would like a follow up video on this.
Those missions Brad mentioned seem pretty rad. I guess I'll need to get a new GPU I've been delaying for awhile.

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In Warcraft III you could basically make your own games. Tower defense etc. I never played Starcraft, but is this function in Starcraft 2?

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