Video Blog: Playing Through StarCraft II

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Brad when is the review going up? I know what score you'll give it but I'm eager to read it and probably bitch about it.

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@Brad: There must be a follow-up video to this. Give whoever came up with this video feature a high five.
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I like the Sander Cohen rabbit poster on the wall. " I want to take the ears off , but I cant !! "

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What res is your webcam? because it looks stretched. You need to get a MS LiveCinema HD 720p cam to do blogs.

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It's just a built-in MacBook webcam which I think only does 640x480. The aspect ratio is correct but I did crop it to 16x9, and I also rendered out the final video at a higher res than that, so the compression is probably not great.
We have some Flips and Zi8s in the office, I'll probably use one of those if I do this kind of video again.
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Definitely like the video blog idea. Keep it up~!

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@Xeiphyer said:

" Hey Brad, I need your help! Ive been having a lot of issues defending against Void Ray rushes from the protoss, especially when I am playing Zerg (Which seem pretty underpowered!). Any suggestions for how to deal with them, or how your Void rushes get stopped if you ever try them? I try and scout em out as best I can, but if they have their entrance blocked off, I wont know until its too late. "

I would suggest that if they close the entrance to their base that may be a sign of these void ray rushes and you can plan accordingly otherwise, tech to hydras with  a good mix of other units and expand, making sure your bases are connected with creep to limit harras cause hydras are just so fast on creep 
edit: Also, my favorite way to deal with a strat that i have trouble with is to not deal with it.  and by that I mean say if you have problems with mech pushes when you are playing protoss, maybe you go for early void rays or phoenixes to harras/make mech ineffective "forcing" your opponent to do something different
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Good luck, Brad.
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Brad looks tired.

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Lets get a follow up on this...

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This is the kind of thing that sets GiantBomb apart from every other gaming outlet around. Superb.

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I shall put this to good use.
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Brad looks fucking knackered.

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best zerg tips would be watch some high ranking korean players play zerg in sc2 ,

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Add my name to the "please make this a weekly segment!" list.   I'm so godawful at RTS games, I need all the help I can get.

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Loved the ending.

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What"s the fun in these types of games?

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@mosdl said:
" need more videoblogs on this site! ... " 
I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed this video.
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this video blog idea is actually really cool and definitely want to see more of them with the hot new games.

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@MonkeyMelon said:

" What"s the fun in these types of games? "

  To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women
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nice little informal preview

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This was one of the best things I've watched off this site. You guys def. should look into doing more of these. :)

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Brad more Starcraft video blog! 

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More of these, please.

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Definitely need to see more of these Brad!
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aww D: you seemed so sad when it crashed :C

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I want that rapture print

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Brad totally needs to do more of these video series.

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Its been over 2 years since this video came out. I wasn't even aware of the site at the time, but the intro of the video still rings true for me today.

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Why was there no quicklook for this game?

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@hellbound: because the final game hasn't unlocked yet. they could have done the beta, i guess- but blizzard's always messing with stuff in the beta, so what would be the point?

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