Video Blog: Playing Through StarCraft II

#51 Posted by BeanoFritz (55 posts) -

Haha this is great. if anyone here wants to play SC2 here is my tag  Beanofritz.RobertKirkhuff

#52 Posted by Antsmifff (39 posts) -
I think it's your fault for noticeing it, just tune it out.
#53 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4610 posts) -

*changes pants*

#54 Posted by patrick5152003 (264 posts) -

video blog is a good idea. jeff needs to bring back points lol
#55 Posted by LiquidPrince (16297 posts) -

Good stuff.

#56 Posted by Roger_Klotz (804 posts) -

Awesome video Brad. Your really selling me on this game, unfortunately my pc is terrible and can't run it.
#57 Posted by Ineedaname (4319 posts) -

Totally bemused by the amount of dedication going to this game, from this site.

#58 Posted by HumanityPlague (252 posts) -

How agreeable/disagreeable are you to letting people add you on SC2?  Or is there a friends limit?

#59 Posted by Praab_NZ (281 posts) -

Actual question Mr Shoemaker, do you have any details on the SEA server and North america server integration date? I want to get my game on with GB! They said something about 60 days, but man do i want to do some TNT this week. Is it possible to add friends from another server right now?
#60 Posted by Yelix (357 posts) -

Oh man, Brad is doing an Avatar-style video blog. I can't wait until he starts getting all beardy and starts looking homeless like Sam Worthington.

#61 Posted by crusader8463 (14441 posts) -

PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ don't let this be a one off feature! Would love to get one of these for every game you guys decide to review.

#62 Posted by Finstern (648 posts) -

How is everyones feelings on Blizz separating the continents to different servers? I think "because of lag" is a pretty poor excuse considering the number of games I play online with people all over the world. Do you guys/Brad think Blizz will ever tear down the walls? It sucks mostly because any online gamers I know from clans etc are mostly based in the US and also because I wont be able to partake in TNT this week :(

#63 Posted by Meteora (5790 posts) -

Man this is awesome. Nice video Brad.

#64 Posted by Red12b (9088 posts) -

Gotta expect lots and lots of creepy people in this thread. 
Anyway, cheers for taking the time out and posting this, I haven't played an RTS since AOE:3 left me let down, When I get a pc that can handle Civ 5 will most likely look into this, so yeah, Cheers man, 

#65 Posted by RE_Player1 (7536 posts) -

Thanks for the update Brad. Keep up the good work. 

#66 Posted by metalsnakezero (2386 posts) -
@MarkWahlberg said:
Yeah, that got me at the beginning of the video.
#67 Posted by Kefkaesque (200 posts) -

Nice little video.
I like to imagine Brad has locked himself in his room with a large supply of coffee, bacon, and a copy of StarCraft 2.

#68 Posted by Le0hart (6 posts) -

Freaking great video!  Got into the beta when they started preorder beta access and never played many RTS's, but got hooked instantly!  Would love to see a follow up vid and also hear how TNT goes.

#69 Posted by This_Dude (295 posts) -

Nice vlog,  I'm also enjoying the campaign a lot.  It has way more variety than I had expected, and I love all of the point and click interaction that they injected into the game between missions.  It makes for a totally different RTS experience than any other game has offered.

#70 Posted by Hilikus (280 posts) -

wtb second vid

#71 Posted by HatKing (6280 posts) -

More videos is always a good thing.  I have no intentions of playing this game... a bit tight on money and I'm not exactly running gaming hardware... but I do still enjoy hearing about the game. : )  I am excited to watch TNT.
#72 Posted by lumpkin (17 posts) -

Great video Brad!

#73 Posted by Rayeth (1074 posts) -

Much interest in a follow up video.  Hopefully with some game footage too!
It would be great if you could talk about how the single player and multiplayer are different for those who saw a lot of the beta, the single player has a really different feel.  Tons of units there that aren't in the multiplayer, and lots of new upgrades and stuff that can't be had in the multiplayer as well.

#74 Posted by MooseBurger (32 posts) -

I thought the between mission parts would be like Wing Commander!  That is just awesome.  Also, more VLOGS would be nice, not only from Brad, but everyone.  Jeff needs to do points reports again.    

#75 Posted by KyouG (21 posts) -

Brad, you've got bags under your eyes! Definitely do a (or more) follow-up if you can pull yourself away from the game.

#76 Posted by TheHT (12098 posts) -

lol great return from intermission.

#77 Posted by Red12b (9088 posts) -
@Wonksaggin said:
" I can't stand how often Brad says "umm..." and "like" in every video.  Please stop it. This is the only website I check for game info, simply because it's the best, and it really hurts the quality of the product you guys are putting out there. "
Well, I think GB is all about their gut reactions, obviously he didn't use a script and was just stating his idea's as he thought them, and the reason why there isn't any fancy editing is because it serves it's purpose a straight to site video of his thoughts of the game,  
#78 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

I want to see a follow up video!

#79 Posted by elfbot (29 posts) -

Without any zerg or protoss single player missions does sc2 do anything to teach new players how they work and what their units are?

#80 Edited by Red12b (9088 posts) -

Yep, lots and lots of creepy people

#81 Posted by Red12b (9088 posts) -
You are the man, yes, you are the man.
#82 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -

Nice video, would definitely like to see a follow up. Maybe you guys could consider doing something like this to share your thoughts on games a few months after release?
Would be interesting to see how you enjoy the multiplayer 3 months from now.

#83 Posted by dekard49 (14 posts) -

Brad, worth picking up just for the single-player campaign? 

#84 Edited by L1GHTN1N (635 posts) -

I know you play Protoss in multiplayer and Terran in singleplayer, but have you messed around with the Zerg at all? Curious about the new units and your impressions of them.
I heard that there is a mini campaign for Protoss in here, any truth to that and if so, how many missions?

#85 Posted by EpicSteve (6501 posts) -

I got a question, 
Do the campaign missions mostly revolve around the typical base building and economy structure of play like multiplayer? Or is it well split between that and the game giving you some dudes to go do things? I don't want a longer game to ultimately be a string of skirmishes with neat objectives. However, it's still and RTS.

#86 Posted by TehJames (197 posts) -

Nice video! Do more, if your busing playing.

#87 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2179 posts) -

9 minute photobomb. 
Anyhow, I totally agree with the single player right now, it is incredibly varied and i think that zombie-esque mission was a nice touch. I will probably try that on a harder difficulty someday.

#88 Posted by Chewii101 (822 posts) -

Nice video, bummer bout the last placement match. Keep practicing your micro! Starcraft is a game where the micro is key.

#89 Posted by Schizoid (1064 posts) -

I don't even like RTS games and I want to try Starcraft II. :( On a side note, make more videos like this!

#90 Edited by Death_Unicorn (2838 posts) -

I like you BRADDERS.
Edit: Sorry, I was entranced by Brad's voice.
I would love to see a follow-up video, and I would love if all the staff members did videos like this, this was excellent.

#91 Posted by Hadoken101 (981 posts) -

Brad looks DEAD. I wish I had the game so I could be that tired

#92 Posted by Toxin066 (3346 posts) -

Oh my word. It's a vlog-assed video blog. XD

#93 Posted by EndlessMike (518 posts) -

Cool. I think Brad should go check out Warcraft III again though. He's been mentioning a lot of things from Starcraft II as if it was the first time its been done in a Blizzard game. Most of that stuff isn't new.

#94 Posted by MrMazz (1048 posts) -

more vides yes yes yes 

#95 Posted by ashbash (374 posts) -

Is Brad wearing pink lipstick?!

#96 Posted by TehJames (197 posts) -

How long is the campaign?

#97 Posted by ipwn (21 posts) -

Damn you Bradley!  As a Protoss player, everything you have to say about the terran campaign should be negative!  TRAITOR!

#98 Posted by Gunder (65 posts) -

The video blog format seems to match this type of game pretty well.

#99 Posted by Lonely_Ogre (99 posts) -

Is this a game that I'd need to play the first of? Or can I just pick up the 2nd and enjoy it?

#100 Posted by FlipperDesert (2123 posts) -

I'd like to see more of stuff like this. It was a little dry and I imagine a lot of Starcraft 2 talk will happen on the Bombcast, but it was cool to have Brad's opinion on stuff as it happens in the game.
Also the multiplayer scares me so I've been playing exclusively singleplayer, haha.

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