Video Blog: Playing Through StarCraft II

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I played C&C tiberium and red alert on the 360. Really liking this game. I now see (with the ease of movement a mouse affords) why people say "RTS games don't feel right on consoles". I do think hotkeys may be a problem for me personally as a console gamer. I love the way I can do everything with just a mouse. So, is there any chance I could play at a low level online, or is it really hopeless sans hotkeys?

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If I were to take a guess 5 stars my only problem though is that I dont know HotKeys I really need to lean those for the multiplayer.

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Brad, I'd suggest going Fullscreen Windowed Mode. It allows seamless Alt+Tabbing!
And do you prefer the in-game missions, or everything surrounding them 'outside of the game'?

I find myself loving the TV coverage in the cantina and the story unfolding the most. In-game missions are good though! Best I've had as far as RTS' go.

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@btman: Well considering people have been playing the first SC for about 10 years now with still a strong community (not so much now obviously), you can probably jump in a few years late, and still find plenty of people playing.
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Brad looks like a grandpa, what has starcraft done??!?!!?

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Make sure your fps overlay is on when your frapsing, it turns red so you know your recording :)
don't alt tab when recording.  that's about all the advice i got.

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you look tired brad

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Would like a follow up: maybe a pre-review video or something.

#159 Posted by RobotHamster (4172 posts) -

Hahaha Brad's life got raped by starcraft.

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Thanks for the video blog Brad. If it wasn't for this then I would have picked up the game. From the looks of it, it's the same thing as other RTS's except for achievements. Of course who needs those. It's just something to brag about.

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Awesome! I'm actually interested in trying this now just for the single player.
Thanks for the info, Brad!

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Thanks for sharing, Brad. GiantBomb is a more personal videogame site, and that's why it's the best. I would personally enjoy hearing any more you have to share.

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starcraft is 51% installed ohgodohgodohgodohgod

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My 21st birthday is next Saturday. Instead of getting drunk I'll be playing Starcraft 2.

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You should play some games and do commentary of a replay with someone else from work.

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I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the ending if you've completed the game by now.
Also the usual policy for video on Giant Bomb to me is more video = more better (unless Matt is in it).

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Brad, it would be pretty cool if you did a series of videos to help new players get on their feet. I can't be the only one struggling here. 

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lol I just finished Devil's playground also dam that mission took forever 

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more rorcraft videos coming?
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Also Giantbomb should do more of these very informative and fun to watch.

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Great video blog Brad.  Would love to see a follow up.

#172 Posted by Siphillis (1292 posts) -

Nice crib, Brad.

#173 Posted by project343 (2828 posts) -
@mosdl: I agree. MOAR vlogs.
#174 Posted by cooljammer00 (1806 posts) -

Is Brad bunkered up and not going to work?

#175 Posted by Karn (690 posts) -

What the fuck is this, youtube?
No, it's Giant Bomb. Which makes this awesome.

#176 Posted by WUNDABAR (76 posts) -

GO GO follow up

#177 Posted by autobzooty (99 posts) -

I want a feature where we can watch Brad play matches.

#178 Posted by rhodric (281 posts) -

go team brad!

#179 Posted by FLStyle (4724 posts) -

Video Blogs are more than welcome, feel free to do more Brad!

#180 Posted by sear (369 posts) -

As a fully straight male, I can admit that Brad's shiny forehead and smooth baritone make my thighs tingle.

#181 Posted by kishan6 (1914 posts) -

follow up=yes

#182 Posted by dsd21 (140 posts) -

You just stabbed through my heart Brad Shoemaker. WC3 had a fucking excellent story and narrative back in the day. 
But I'm looking forward to these video logs in the future, definitely something I'd love to see Giant Bomb crew do on the constant basis.

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I completely support the idea of more video blogs from Brad.

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Hey Brad, I think it'd be cool if you made another one of these, but sorta explaining how you got better at the game for beginning players. I have a small amount of RTS experience, and I have on idea where to start. I am actually really good against other people that dont really know what they are doing, but if I play someone who actually knows how to play at all I get crushed. I know there are things like build orders and knowing the tech tree that will make you better, but I really have no idea where to start. What build order do I use, or how do I find out what to use. What are some overall basics of the game that you always need to know besides hot keys. 
Basically, if you just made one of these that sorta detailed how you got better that would be awesome for new players like me.

#185 Posted by Osaladin (2521 posts) -

This is brilliant, please keep it up Brad!

#186 Posted by Mamba219 (155 posts) -

Sounds pretty good. Not for me, but it does look pretty comprehensive. I was thinking this would not be a "complete" game due to the fact that it's coming out in three parts, but it doesn't appear that way from what Brad's saying.
Like I said, not a fan of RTS games, but this one looks pretty good.

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@Steve_C said:
" Question: I have Starcraft 1 one my PC that I got a few months ago and touched very briefly (my first Blizzard game incidentally). I was curious about the fiction and how it ties together. It seems like it has a rich lore that runs pretty deep. So, I was wondering if it was worth it to finish the original (along with Brood War), like I was planning to before picking up this game. How does the game address events of the the past game, and is the quality of the story even worth it?  Good feature though Brad. Surprisingly coherent doing a monologue like that. Pretty informative. Wouldn't mind seeing more of these, in general across the site too. "
The original and expansion have great stories and presentation. As long as you can handle some pixelated graphics, go for it.
#188 Posted by rjayb89 (7724 posts) -

What the.  Ryan has that same BioShock picture.

#189 Posted by RagingLion (1365 posts) -

Yay, Brad gets his own feature at last (I guess there was the PC 'building' one but this one could actually go somewhere).  I thought it was really good stuff Brad.  I'm probably not going to buy Starcraft 2 but it's interesting to know what's going on it and what is noteworthy.  The tone of the video was perfect as well.
I vote yes to more video blogs:  more for Starcraft 2 but maybe this kind of content could show up for other purposes as well and even from the other guys.  Maybe it'd be suitable for where there's a game that only one of you is really passionate about, maybe where there's a strong multiplayer component which means you'll have other meaningful experiences with it post-review and so you just give some solo thoughts on it straight to the community.  Just a thought.

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I demand more of these from Brad....... 

#191 Posted by TwoGunsABlazin (47 posts) -

Yes a follow up video and more video blogs would be sweet!

#192 Posted by CandleLightCat (7 posts) -

Brad you're awesome. :) 
Giantbomb needs more videoblogs~!

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Nice vid Brad. I haven't played one multi game yet, but the single is proving to be a blast.
More video please!

#194 Posted by gbrading (2039 posts) -

More videos like this, definitely. Not just from Brad as well. P.S. Nice Rapture Ball 1959 lithograph.
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@dsd21 said:
" You just stabbed through my heart Brad Shoemaker. WC3 had a fucking excellent story and narrative back in the day. But I'm looking forward to these video logs in the future, definitely something I'd love to see Giant Bomb crew do on the constant basis. "
I agree. I just played WC3 and TFT this year and they have stood the test of time. Didn't watch the rest of the video after that.
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Love the video Brad. It would be awesome if you could post a commentary vid of one of your multiplayer matches like once a week. Or even once a month...

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I like the idea of video blogs. 
Really enjoying the campaign right now, I can only guess what mission that "zombie" one is, the one I deliberately avoided so I could get more zerg research points haha! 
Love the upgrade system and the breaks between missions where you're on the Hyperion. GG Blizzard.

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Brad, where are your sideburns?!
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Finished the campaign on hard, achivements say 25 / 29 missions complete though, so im unsure if i missed some objectives or they are the ones where you have to make a choice about the mission you play.
The last Zeratul mission was epic.
Probably gonna play through again, made stupid choices with the tech trees.

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You alt-tab?  You don't have a 2nd LCD connected?  Wow.  I would think a person who makes their living playing PC would have two or even three LCDs connected.

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