What is your favorite Protoss unit?

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#2 Posted by Binman88 (3687 posts) -

Stalkers are the ones that say stuff like "I'm here in the shadows" right? If so, them, because they sound so cool. I haven't played much Protoss to have a favourite for any other reason.

#3 Posted by NikoAlexander57 (359 posts) -

6 pylon 4 life.

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#5 Posted by Sumbog (484 posts) -

Only good Protoss unit, is a dead Protoss unit.

#6 Posted by tonezB (28 posts) -

Stalker because blink micro is super fun.

#7 Posted by CaptainObvious (2998 posts) -

I like Stalker's gag lines.

#8 Posted by Nephrahim (1147 posts) -

I'm a fan of High Templar.  I don't always use them, but when I do, I'm happy.

#9 Posted by A_Wet_Shamwow (230 posts) -

dark Templar's are devastating against a unaware player
and they are just plain badass

#10 Posted by Laticsfan (596 posts) -

I always love some sentry defensive action!

#11 Posted by adoggz (2068 posts) -
@XII_Sniper said:
" Mothershiiiiips "
#12 Posted by SuperSecretAgenda (696 posts) -

High Templars crush everything.

#13 Posted by commandercup (500 posts) -

Them zealots are sexy and badass at the same time.

#14 Posted by ISuperGamerI (1880 posts) -

It's hard to choose, I like a lot of the units so either the Mothership or a Void Ray.

#15 Posted by Bucketdeth (8012 posts) -

A dead Protoss unit, (Or Dark Templar's, they are bad ass).

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A handful of High Templars + Psi Storm = 100 dead marines... a SECOND! (100DMPS)

#18 Posted by illmatic19 (964 posts) -

It was a Dragoon, but now its a Colossus. Can't wait to see Dragoon units in Legacy of the Void.

#19 Posted by Juvarial (305 posts) -

I love the sentry. Best unit in the game for T1.

#20 Posted by ColMirage (257 posts) -

My life for Aiur!

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Archon. Although it takes 2 High or Dark Templar to merge to create one, their health is almost completely shield based, and since that regenerates, they are really tough nuts to crack.

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@illmatic19 said:

" It was a Dragoon, but now its a Colossus. Can't wait to see Dragoon units in Legacy of the Void. "

Immortals are the new Dragoon since the temple that makes Dragoons was destroyed by the Zerg when they invaded Aiur.
Then again...I suppose there could be flashbacks.
Also: I <3 Motherships
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Zealots. Few guys can wreak so much havoc on enemy economy like those guys, with the charge ability, if you manage to drop them in the middle of your opponent's gatherers.

#25 Posted by Cramsy (1168 posts) -
@Sumbog said:
" Only good Protoss unit, is a dead Protoss unit. "
#26 Posted by yinstarrunner (1199 posts) -

Zealots simply because they look badass.  And they charge headfirst into enemy fire without fear.  
Chargelots are without a doubt my favorite unit in the game, it's so great to see them rush to surround a group of baddies.

#27 Posted by Daveyo520 (6761 posts) -

DT's are awesome!

#28 Posted by JSUMAN (127 posts) -

Probe.  Everyone that didn't answer probe is wrong.

#29 Posted by Leo (73 posts) -

Carrier has arrived.

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