Which race do you tend to do best against?

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I'm sure many SC2 players, even those who play the game professionally, have a tendency to perform better, even if the difference is slight, against one specific race compared to the others. I'm just curious to see what race this would be.

Damn, I should have included the option "None". Oh well, at least this forces people to think about their past matches and determine which race they've won the most consistently against.

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Terran when I play Protoss, Zerg when I play Terran.

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I tend to enjoy playing against Protoss as a Terran. I do love my ghosts.

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You should have included an 'other' option so I could be a pretend-racist and write 'Asians'

I am disappoint.

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When I play toss, I seem to do better against Terran. It's been awhile since I've really played, so maybe that's changed by now.

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I'm a toss player in all sense of the word... and PvT is by FAR my best match-up... I can't even remember the last time I lost a PvT on ladder...

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Its been forever since I last played... But back when I did I always fared best against Protoss, regardless of who I played as.

No idea if that would hold up now- and I'm probably not going to find out any time soon. For most of my Starcraft 2 time is taken up by Mafia. :P

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@Tim_the_Corsair said:
You should have included an 'other' option so I could be a pretend-racist and write 'Asians' I am disappoint.
One does not simply "do best against Asians".
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I really only use Terran. I'm horrible with Protoss and I never use Zerg.

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