would u recommend starcraft to someone who..

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i have never played a RTS game , was wondering if u'd recommend it as a starting point or maybe some other game .


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Yes, it's easy enough to pick up and fairly straightforward, but just realize it doesn't sugarcoat things. If you play online you will lose. A LOT. And sometimes it will be in a humiliating fashion. If you start with the campaign or against the computer you should learn quickly. SC2 is a game that rewards practice and learning (Though it isn't apparent at first. You will lose to stupid strategies while laddering, but just realize that playing gimmicky does not improve your ability to play). I would say SC2 is a better place to start for RTS than games like Company of Heroes or Dawn of War, they are a completely different type of game, and don't really help you get the fundamentals of RTS as they are more based on unit control than the typical RTS which focuses on economy.

Age of Empires Online is another great place to start for playing RTS games. It is much easier than Starcraft but it will teach you all the basics. Though ultimately, SC is the way to go. If you are good at it, you will be good at any RTS.

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If you're gona start out in the RTS world, makes sense to start in the most nub friendly, best supported and most popular game on the market.

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The basic mechanics of Starcraft are fairly simple to pick up.  This game is fairly similar to the simpler late 90's RTS style, rather than the more convoluted RTS's of the 2000's.  At least I think so.  And those 90's games, like Warcraft II or the original Starcraft, were great gateways to the realm of the RTS.
With that being said, the skill potential is absurdly high.  People are damn good at this game.  But even in the lower level leagues, you can still have a good time.  Luckily, you'll probably have fun with the campaign, as it's quite tightly designed, varied, and well presented.  You can beat up on easy computers if you'd like, work on perfecting challenges, or mess with some of the many custom maps that are out there.  Once you pick up the basics after a few hours, then you start to compete online and go through the trials and tribulations of any multiplayer game.
Then you can eventually retire, and stop playing to just watch pros go at it exclusively.

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I think there is a demo out there somewhere, but not sure in what ways it's limited (might be multiplayer only? You'll have to look into that.)

I would say yes if your into engaging stories, polished gameplay and space games. I am going to say that I haven't played an RTS since the first Starcraft was only a couple years old, and I am one who turns away from any game that is to heavily RTS. After the first couple of campaigns, on normal on course, I was hooked.

That being said it is still an RTS, and is not easy. You have to manage units and resources while balancing an attack and defense force - like all games of this type. That, and I'd have to look at again, but the final campaign took me well over 3 hours while with all the failing and reloading the game logged roughly an hour.... So it's not easy for those of us who don't normally play this type of game. What kept me going was the continuation of the story from SC:1 to SC:WoL. The hub on the ship feels very Mass Effect like, and each upgrade was a total score and welcome once earned. I felt for the characters and the world and cannot wait to see what for the next installment.

I have tried a couple of the challenges and failed so hard that I will never play the multiplayer side of this game, but if your into a short but enjoyable singleplayer experience and have the interest/cash I'd say go for it.

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Yes, patience is key here.

Don't get too angry, it is just a game.

Also, I started totally fresh, I struggled in Bronze, I struggled in Silver.

And I am currently in Gold, struggling.

And it is fun :)

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Starcraft 2 has separate tutorials to explain extremely basic mechanics, but the campaign also does an excellent job of teaching you how to play.  I would say that Starcraft 2 is absolutely THE best place to start for somebody new to the genre.

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Download the Starcraft II Starter Edition. It lets you play some of the campaign missions and even online on a selection of maps to get the hang of things for free.

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Starcraft 2 is the first real RTS I have ever tried to play. On the easiest difficulty, I could not make it past the first handful of missions. Its really pretty to look at, but as someone in a very similar boat, I wouldn't recommend it as a starting point.

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Yes, I had barely touched RTS games before SC2 and easily got in to it.

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Yeah it is awessome, you going to get your ass handdle for a while in Multiplayer the ownage ends soon enough thou

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i'm going to add that a couple pro players who can make a living off the game, also didn't play any RTSs before SC2

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thanx for all the gr8 replies

i'm gonna give the starter edition a shot

is there a offline installer for the starter edition ?

i''m currently downloading it from the website and its gonna take 19+hrs to finish and i dont know if its gonna resume in case my connection breaks etc

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there isn't a way to get the starter edition without downloading it.. unless you can dl the installer from a friend and then transfer it over

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Yes. Just play it.

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Download the demo and then decide. Games cost a lot of money, so better safe then sorry ;)

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Do iiit. Its a good place to start, the basics are pretty simple. Play through the campaign first for sure, leave multiplayer for when you get better. And hotkeys. Always hotkeys.

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@xdaknightx69 said:

i''m currently downloading it from the website and its gonna take 19+hrs to finish and i dont know if its gonna resume in case my connection breaks etc

It does. I'm presuming you got the downloader like Blizzard games usually do. When you reopen it, the download resumes to where it was. The Blizzard downloader, in case you didn't know, is a miniature BitTorrent client with a torrent file preloaded.

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@Aus_azn: thanx

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