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10 Years later, and I'm still playing

Starcraft has become a well known game over the years and for a good reason. It's a real time strategy game that is easy to pick up and play. How many other RTS games can you say this about? The game brings something to the table for all players. The casual gamer will enjoy the the short learning curve and fun user-created custom games, while the hardcore gamers will enjoy the amount of challenge and competition that still remains for the 10 year old game. Starcraft has gained much popularity over the years. Some know that South Korea has become the home of Professional Starcraft gaming and hosts multiple leagues and tournaments all year round. And Blizzard Entertainment is aware of their fan's love for the game. It's amazing to say that 10 years later after the game's release, Blizzard continues to patch Starcraft. It is truely amazing what Blizzard has given to strategy gamers, and they should know that they have their fan's support for Starcraft's Sequel.


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