giyanks22's StarCraft (PC) review

The Greatest RTS game ever...

As old as it is, and as outdated as it is Starcraft is a must play game. There is no denying Blizzard's brilliance in the developing of this game. Perfection is a good word to describe this game, because eleven years after its release, I still have zero issues with the game, and I still play it.

Gameplay: Brilliant
The briliance behind Starcrafts excellent gameplay, lies in how different the three races, the Zerg, Terran and Protoss are, yet they are so balanced. The zerg can do things that Terrans can't do, but then the terrans throw something right back at them. For instance, the Terrans can float their Command Centers to expansions, and immediately begin gathering resources. The Protoss can't, but they build buildings without the worker being present after you initiate the building. It's little things like this, that make the gameplay so amazing and engrossing, that you will immediately fall in love with it.

Story: Epic
The Story is really astounding, and Blizzard does an amazing job of storytelling, through talking character portraits, and some excellent cut scenes. The story is engaging, easy to follow, and very gripping. The voice acting is flawless, and the actors give the characters an emotional connection to you the player. I never once felt like the story was dragging on, or that it was being too cliche. It manages to tie in perfectly with every mission you must conduct.

Campaign: Enjoyable
The Missions are very well broken up, so its not the same thing each mission. You aren't always going to be base building, because you might not even have a base. You might not always need to be on the attack, and instead just focus on base defending. Tied in with the great story, the campaign gives you a very entertaining game, plus it gives you a "training course" for the competitive multiplayer.

Graphics: Great for its time
The Blood is believeable, and the facial character models still would be acceptable today, eleven years later.

Sound: Excellent
 Some of the most recognizable sounds in video game history come out of Starcraft, like "This is Jimmy." The sound the zerg make when they spawn, is amazing, and the every other sound is very original, and believable.

Multi player: Addicting and Engrossing
The best RTS multiplayer ever, (tied with Warcraft 3), the brilliance behind it, is that it never seems repetitive. You never get the same game twice. The little choices you must make like, which units do I build, or should I expand quickly, or immediately start building up my army, are things that just make you engrossed in the strategy behind the game, and force you to become immersed in the phenomenon that is Battle.Net.
All of that =

The Greatest RTS game in the history of games. This is a must buy, because regardless of  how outdated its visuals are, the gameplay is so addicting, and enjoyable, that it makes the game worth every penny. I bought it eleven years ago for Thrirty Dollars, and I have played every penny out of the game, and then some.


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