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Stardust a critically acclaimed space shooter game released originally in 1993 for the Amiga 500 by developer Bloodhouse. Later ports of the game were also released for the PC and Atari STE but lacked the quality of the original release. Stardust came about when Finnish programmer Harri Tikkanen began early work on a pinball game, he would later discover that Swedish developer Digital Illusions  was about to release a very similar game called Pinball Dreams and so he was forced to come up with a brand new concept which would become Stardust.

The gameplay was heavily inspired by the arcade hit Asteroids which was first released in 1979 by Atari, in which the player controlled a spaceship and the goal was to destroy as many asteroids as possible while at the same time avoiding collision. Stardust expanded on this formula by allowing the player to collect numerous weapons throughout the game's 30 levels and then to power them up over time, this added a layer of strategy as certain bosses and enemies were weak against a particular weapon. Some of the levels changed up the formula by having the spaceship fly through a tunnel while shooting enemies and avoiding oncoming debris.

Another of the game's distinguishing features is it's wacky and sometimes surreal sense of humour. The story features a mad professor, secret agents disguised as meteorites, a final level named after a Finnish town and a princess named after a brand of margarine.

On release the game received positive reviews from many outlets, Amiga Computing and Amiga Force gave the game 93 and 92 percent repectively. The main criticism of the game was the steep learning curve which made it prohibitively difficult for a lot of players. The team took this into account and instead of creating an entirely new game they decided to revamp Stardust by improving the game and adding new content. This lead to the creation of Super Stardust released for the Amiga 1200 in 1994.

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