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Starfire was next in line for the throne but her sister, Komand'r, who was older and would have been next in line, caught an illness as a baby and she did not have the powerful solar abilities that Starfire had making her jealous and made them sworn rivals.  She tried to kill Starfire and was expelled for it so her sister swore vengeance. When the attack took place, they were captured by Psions, an alien race, but Starfire managed to escape and save her sister, but instead of thanking her she demanded that she be executed. Starfire fled the planet and came to Earth. There she met Robin and she joined the Teen Titans. She found Earth's culture highly strange but her relationship with Robin grew and the more she learned of Earth the more she loved it. Later she would almost marry Dick Grayson, then Nightwing, but their marriage was interrupted by Raven, who was a villain at this time. They would have a child in an alternate timeline.

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