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Released in 1989, Starflight 2 was a game that involved a very open-ended storyline with the overall goal of defeating the threat of the Spemin threat. How the player achieved that goal was completely up to them. This game featured an extremely large galaxy to explore, with hundreds of systems to travel to, in addition to an even larger number of planets to explore.

Starflight 2 also featured an involved trade system that allowed for bartering with different alien races based on your relationship with that particular race. If you were enemies of a particular race, you would find that the trade centers for that race were closed. In addition to this, nearly every race had a specific trade good that you could trade with another, meaning the player could create their own trade routes in order to maximize profits.

The game also featured a customizable crew based on the species of the crew, sex, skill points, and job aboard the ship. Each species had their own advantages and disadvantages, complete with skill point caps. For intance, an Eloywn was very weak physically, but is the only species that could get the maximum amount of skill points in Medicine.

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