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StarForge is described as "Real Time Strategy meets First Person Shooter" and was inspired by games like Warcraft 3, Minecraft, and Halo. It also contains randomly generated weapons similar to Borderlands. Making use of a procedurally generated voxel terrain, the game can generate infinite levels and populate them with trees, flora and hostile NPCs.


StarForge will feature both multiplayer and single-player options for all game modes. The game is planned to contain two game modes at launch:

Survival Mode

You must survive and build to "make your mark on the planet." This mode is purportedly inspired by Terraria and Borderlands. This mode will also feature permanence across servers as well as permanent death,

Fort Wars Mode

A more ranked competitive mode where two opposing teams seek to destroy their opponent's vats, encouraging team members to construct fortifications around their own vat to provide defenses.


The game as of now is in alpha and available on the developer's website and Steam. They plan on releasing tech demos for each mechanic they want to add, and get feed back on it and then add that mechanic to the main game. The latest and first tech demo was of the movement system.

The movement demo showed how everything including moving around is simulated in game. The movement demo showed how you move in game, sprint, wall jumping, one gun, 4 kinds of enemies, terrain modification and a basic building system.

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