hawks ruin this game's balance right now

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As a disclaimer I'd like to say as the title stats that I feel this game is unbalanced RIGHT NOW. They will continue to patch it, but some things just seem unfixable.

I won't even discuss bruiser perk, they addressed that it will be fixed.

Really my issue is just with the hawks. They are the dominating force in every game, and when they are dominating there is nothing anyone can do. I've had the most fun in games that just straight up ban hawks completely.

Hawk Pros:

  • Insanely fast, can easily outrun a grounded rocket or beam turret before they are taken out. Also travel from their base to the opponents base in like 3 seconds.
  • maps are so big and open that any vehicle has little chance of traveling from point A to point B without a hawk taking it out.
  • Going from flying to mech mode gets rid of lock ons, no idea why.
  • Can use all weapons while in mech mode
  • Torpedo goes through shields (as intended)
  • Can use shield and cloak while using other weapons simulateously
  • Flares come back quick
  • So maneuverable that they can dodge any attack (except flak) without flares
  • Cluster bombs even after patch are still amazing
  • Enough armor to win a battle in mech mode with machine guns against infantry with rockets.
  • Can out maneuver beam turrets
  • Have perk that can heal them in mid-air. Fast enough that with every other plus that they have in survivability makes them pretty much immortal.
  • Only 2 rift, spawn and get in a hawk
  • Don't show up on radar until they are in range (when its the tiny map) making for easy ambushes because of their speed

Hawk Cons:

  • Tanks can kill them in one shot (if your an amazing shot)
  • those 2 man scorpion tanks can win a machine gun battle with a hawk in mech mode
  • If another hawk is a better pilot, they can essentially pin down your entire air game, usually before you even get into a hawk after you respawn.
  • If another hawk beats you in the air, and destroys your hawk pad (which is easy to do). The game is pretty much over for your team.

If you reply, use focused points so we can progress in this discussion. This is just my side. Don't just talk about random times when you took down a hawk with a machine gun and some grenades so the game is fine. And if your a Hawk pro, be honest, you know their pros and cons, and to what that means to the games overall balance. If the game was fine, they wouldn't of released a patch already, and have plans on patching more balance issues if the game was perfect. No game is perfect when its released, but some things are so blatantly unfair (like bruiser perk) that its surprising it wasn't fixed before its release.

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