The starhawk beta is pretty good.

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I played 4 hours of the PS+ starhawk beta yesterday and i like it a lot. I find building stuff super satisfying, to the point that i forget to go shoot dudes. I just love leaving the HQ and forming my own base on this floating island in the middle of space.  I really wish you actually got something from leveling up, but it is a beta.

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i wasn't really into it tbh. I didn't give it much opportunity to impress I'll have to give it another chance. Seemed like the air combat was set aside quite a bit. In the game I was in there were barely anyone in spaceships. The couple times i got in one I got destroyed pretty fast by turrets.

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What?!? It's out??!?! Fucking great just in time for the PSN maintenance... why does it have to be right in the middle of the only time this week, where I've had the time for video games... Anywho, excited to hear this, because while I never played Warhawk, I've been somewhat impressed with what I've seen from this, intrigued I am indeed.

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@kingzetta said:

I find building stuff super satisfying, to the point that i forget to go shoot dudes.

Same here. I wish you could build more than 32 structures, so that way I wouldn't have to "reclaim" others buildings to build more walls.

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First go I wasn't impressed. Give it another chance yesterday and it began to click for me. Never played Warhawk so I can't compare. I can imagine it being quiet a tactical game. Definatly going to play some more. Who knows, maybe it'll be a sleeper hit?

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I really liked warhawk, it had a lot of the same goofy fun that made early battlefield games so great. Hope this game lives up to that, the building mechanic seems interesting but it's a huge game changer.

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I wasn't a fan at all. I actually kind of hated it. With that said, I am not very fond of competitive shooters. The only ones I'll play are Halo, Counter-strike, Battlefield (maybe), or CoD.

EDIT: Oh and TF2, but my PC sucks.

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