Upodate 1.03 and Free maps!

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Thought I'd mention it since the only place I've seen it reported is on the PSBlog...


Free map pack with the update. Can't beat that. I'll continue to enjoy Starhawk; seems like it's a great game that didn't find a huge audience. Also there is more ranks. A prestige thing I guess. I've only gotten to like level 30 so it doesn't matter to me much right now.

So FYI free maps yo!

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That's awesome. Too bad this game sold just awful when it didn't deserve too

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Man should I get Starhawk? It always seemed well-made but my assumption that it wouldn't sell so well turned out to be correct.

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jsut started playin it. Couple games in. The map is insane... way different than the other maps because its completely covered with trees so it changes how you use a Hawk pretty drastically I'd say. And coming down in a pod thru the trees is pretty awesome.

Really kewl map but the framerate has been rough for me on a full game.

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Starhawk was loads of fun, but the game was so poorly balanced that it started to feel pointless after a little while.  Maybe the new maps will bring me back for a little while.

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poorly balanced how?

Maps are symmetrical for the most part. Hawks are paper-thin...2 rockets and they explode. Vehicles are the same. I dunno... nothing really stands out as being overpowered to me.

Maybe the only thing was the bombs you shoot out at ground troops. But those were greatly nerfed early on.

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